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Yurie, the Last Scholar is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Yurie, the Last Scholar, is a hunter and member of the Choir.

As a member of the Choir, she dons the Choir Set, uses a Threaded Cane and Rosmarinus during combat, and can also make use of the Augur of Ebrietas and A Call Beyond.



Yurie will mainly use the un-transformed version of her Threaded Cane in melee combat. She can also use the Rosmarinus while backing away to gain distance.

It is best to stay close to Yurie during the fight, as she will be more likely to use A Call Beyond when the player is at a distance, which has extreme tracking and deals high damage. It can be interrupted by shooting or hitting her when the spell animation begins. Her spells deal very high damage and often one-shot low-level players. If the players fail to interrupt her casting animation, use the big stair in the room to cover.

Due to the cane's long wind-up, Yurie can be easily staggered and stun-locked into a corner. Save enough stamina for a quickstep as she will use Augur of Ebrietas when in close range.



  • Her name implies that she is, in fact, the last scholar at Byrgenwerth, the one who stayed by Master Willem's side even until now.
    • Another interpretation is that she is the last remaining Choir member, as she wears clothing from the Church Choir, an institution distinct from Byrgenwerth. The theory says she raided Byrgenwerth along with other Choir members such as Imposter Iosefka, where they stole Master Willem's "Third Umbilical Cord".
      • A note inside the Cathedral Ward mentions that Willem is hiding Rom from "us". Being placed inside the Cathedral Ward implies the author was connected to the Choir, meaning the Choir would not have been able to reach Willem to obtain the cord in the first place. Since Rom dies, and directly after the Blood Moon descends leading to widespread madness, including the Imposter, it's unlikely that a raid ever happened. Since Yurie's title is "The Last Scholar", that means it is more likely that she defected from the Choir to protect Willem, and was by his side before Rom began to hide him.
      • Additionally, it's never directly stated that Willem did obtain a cord, only that he sought one. Each of the other cords directly state that "this" cord was used in a specific manner, however the Imposter's cord is the only one to lack that specificity. That suggests that the cord does not specifically connect to Willem itself, and may simply be a way to inform the player about the widespread desire of Byrgenwerth and it's students to obtain cords of their own, which the Imposter's dialog about "proving she's chosen" would support.