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Workshop Haze Extractor
Workshop Haze Extractor
Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth 2nd Layer

The Workshop Haze Extractor is a key item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

A misplaced workshop tool from the Hunter's Dream.
The hunter who retrieves this can extract Arcane Haze from ritual materials.
But alas, spent materials are lost.



The Workshop Haze Extractor is able to "extract arcane haze from ritual materials" in the Workshop, within the Hunter's Dream.

The following table displays the amount of Arcane Haze that can be extracted from each Chalice Material:

Workshop Haze Extraction
Material Arcane Haze Icon
Arcane Haze
Ritual Blood 1 Icon Ritual Blood (1) 2
Ritual Blood 2 Icon Ritual Blood (2) 5
Ritual Blood 3 Icon Ritual Blood (3) 7
Ritual Blood 4 Icon Ritual Blood (4) 10
Ritual Blood 5 Icon Ritual Blood (5) 12
Tomb Mold 1 Icon Tomb Mould (1) 2
Tomb Mold 2 Icon Tomb Mould (2) 5
Tomb Mold 3 Icon Tomb Mould (3) 7
Tomb Mold 4 Icon Tomb Mould (4) 10
Tomb Mold 5 Icon Tomb Mould (5) 12
Coldblood Flowerbud Icon Coldblood Flowerbud 7
Coldblood Flower Bulb Icon Coldblood Flower Bulb 10
Blooming Coldblood Flower Icon Blooming Coldblood Flower 12
Bloodshot Eyeball Icon Bloodshot Eyeball 5
Living String Icon Living String 24
Red Jelly Icon Red Jelly 5
Pearl Slug Icon Pearl Slug 5
Sage's Wrist Icon Sage's Wrist 5
Sage's Hair Icon Sage's Hair 11
Inflicted Organ Icon Inflicted Organ 5
Yellow Backbone Icon Yellow Backbone 11
Bastard of Loran Icon Bastard of Loran 5


  • This is the only Workshop Tool that remains in the player's inventory when going to NG+.
  • This is the only Workshop Tool not found in the regular world, as it is only found in a chalice dungeon.
  • It is not a necessary item, but it is useful as it stops players from having to farm Fluorescent Flowers in the Chalice Dungeons and just scrap whatever excess materials they have for Arcane Haze.


  • The depiction of this workshop tool is simple, yet rather bizarre. It appears to be a blade with a wooden handle that through some method, manages to extract the Arcane Haze that is within Chalice Materials, presumably by simply poking through the materials.
    • This process, in turn, expends whatever ritualistic value the materials possessed.
    • The inspiration for this tool's design appears to have been a wood carver's "Scratch Awl".