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Lost Child of Antiquity Weakness

Weak Points is a gameplay mechanic in Bloodborne.


The player and most enemies have specific weak points that can be attacked for heavy staggering and bonus damage. Attacking enemies weak points will often render them open for a Visceral Attack and Open Foe Bonus.


Headshot with bow

Headshot a Huntsman

  • Headshot is a combat mechanic that is only applied to projectile attacks. A headshot will deal more 40% damage and heavily stagger humanoid enemies like Hunstmen, Huntsman's Minion, and other players.
  • It is easier to headshot with a Monocular.

Weak Points[]

Enemy Weakpoints / weakness
Beast Patient (male) They will back away or try to shield their eyes in fear if the players are holding a Torch or a Hunter's Torch, making hunting them much easier.
Church Giants After performing a heavy ground slam with their weapons, one of their feet breaks and player can notice blood bursting from it. Attacking their feet will break it further and leave them helpless for some extra seconds. Attacking the foot that exploded with blood with a powerful attack will open a chance for a visceral attack.
Lost Child of Antiquity Attacking them during any of their attacks will knock them onto their backs, making them helplessly bestir on the ground for a few seconds.
Fluorescent Flower Attack their dangling flowers for extra damage.
Cramped Casket Lure these enemies to the white, burning corpses will significantly damage and stagger them.
Cain's Servant Arrows shot from transformed Simon's Bowblade will heavily stagger knock them back.
Rabid Dog, Hunting Dog, Keeper's Hunting Dog, Fish Dog These canines can be heavily staggered and knocked back with arrows shot from Simon's Bowblade.
Rotted Corpse Fire damage from the Torch will stagger them for more than a second, allowing players to stun lock them repeatedly.

Boss Weak points[]

Most bosses have weak points which can be exploited to deal extra damage and stagger them heavily, making way for a Visceral Attack.

Boss Weakpoints / weakness
Cleric Beast Shooting or throwing Molotov Cocktail on its head several times will make the boss collapse and vulnerable for Visceral Attack.
Father Gascoigne Using the Tiny Music Box during his boss fight will temporarily stun him. However, repeated usage will make him transform prematurely, making the fight much harder.
Vicar Amelia Attacking her left hand repeatedly will cause her to stagger. Also, Numbing Mist will negate her self-healing ability.