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The Wandering Nightmare (Also referred to as scurrying beast or wandering madness) is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Wandering Nightmares are pitiful creatures, which appear to resemble an amalgamation of rotten corpses that have become animated.

Though they are cowardly in nature and will flee from players as they approach, they will often get said players killed as there are often traps, ambushes, or looming, wandering enemies in the area that will result in players dropping their guard from greed, as these beings will drop guaranteed upgrade materials upon death, usually quite rare ones at that. Failing to reach them in time will cause them to disappear, seemingly into the ground below.

These creatures are unique in that they do not respawn after death.


Cathedral Ward[]

  • From the lamp in Oedon Chapel, go forward and upstairs to find a Church Giant (most are asleep after the first Moon Phase) coming in from a pathway to the left. Enter that pathway and run right till the end to find one, next to a sleeping giant with a swinging iron ball.
  • Rightwards from the entrance to the Grand Cathedral, on the narrow side between the staircase leading to the two Yahar'gul Hunters and the building with the carrion crows.
  • Down from the area with the two Hostile Hunters, towards two Executioners. (there are 2 scurrying beasts here here)
  • By the second Executioner (next to the entrance to Yahar'gul), to the right, near a tree.

Old Yharnam[]

  • From the lamp, after opening the sealed door with a note, directly ahead. It will fall on top a rooftops downstairs.
  • Near the shortcut ladder, after going rightwards from the area with the crucified corpse of the Blood-starved Beast, in the smoke-filled room.
  • End of town, near the large statues before the Church of the Good Chalice, descending the stairs.

Healing Church Workshop[]

  • Go around the first building after crossing the bridge in the Healing Church Workshop (The beast may fall down into the lower floor so bring a Bold Hunter's Mark as precaution).

Hemwick Charnel Lane[]

  • In the same house with Hemwick witch, right before descending to the boss fight.
  • Inside the Barn on the 2nd floor, right before exiting onto the rooftops.

Hypogean Gaol[]

  • Right after the lamp, take the right stairs down.
  • Exit to the open area, forward from the lamp, and turn left into the corridor.

Forbidden Woods[]

  • Going forward from the lamp, after the first mob (which has 2 hunters throwing Oil Urns), keep towards your right where you'll go down a pathway ending with 3 Carrion Crows.

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle[]

  • The highest part of the library, run to the far end (drops 2 chunks)

Nightmare Frontier[]

  • Descending to an area with the two werewolves.
  • Past the second werewolf on the lower ledge.
  • Central area, in the plateau.
  • In the tunnel leading to the three giants (behind the werewolf).
  • Near the entrance to the bell maiden, in the toxic water.
  • In the three boulder giants area, behind the first one.
  • run straight up from the lamp, on the lower ledge,
  • High area, right before the first shortcut (falling tombstone).
  • High area, right after leaving the three giants area.
  • High area, shortcut back to the poison area.
  • Toxic water, ledge below one of the giants.
  • Toxic water, hallway the spider throws you out into.
  • Toxic water, between the three boulder giants (4 beasts clustered together).
  • On the ledge leading to the lone giant on top of the toxic water.
  • At the end of the ledge, where the brain trust roams.
  • At the second toxic water, behind the two lesser slimy squids.
  • At the second toxic area, below one of the pillars.
  • Right before descending to the second toxic area, there are 2 beasts there.
  • Second toxic water area, between middle pillars.

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village[]

  • Just as you spawn on the lamp, he will run from you.
  • The passage between the elevator ride, down the stairs.

Upper Cathedral Ward[]

  • Leftmost corridor on the first floor (2 chunks).

Nightmare of Mensis[]

  • From the lamp, backtrack to the descending trail (before the beast).
  • Where you fight Micolash, transition area between the phases, go down the stairs.
  • Side alley before the pigs, on the way to the second chime maiden.

Chalice Dungeons[]

DLC Locations[]


Most of the time, players will stumble upon these creatures in surprise, though they can be spotted through their constant jittering and purple gas that they exude. They also make a strange, yet distinctive sound.

There is no real strategy to fight them with exception of taking the following precautions:

  1. Take note of the environment and what surrounds you, keeping an eye on potential threats.
  2. Equip a weapon that deals non-physical damage, though Fire and Blood are the most common.
  3. Quickly slaughter it while keeping an eye on any danger factor.


  • They are extremely weak to most sources of elemental damage.
  • They drop either Upgrade Materials or Blood Gems.
  • A glitch might occur in Lighthouse Hut where a Wandering Nightmare might keep on respawning even though you have killed it, it only drops the Blood Stone Chunk once.
  • While the most common variant of this enemy is small and tends to scurry away, there is a larger variant that appears in different areas of the Nightmare Realm as well as Chalice Dungeons. Unlike their smaller ilk, they will actually retaliate at the player if cornered.


  • Wandering Nightmares are the spiritual successors of the Crystal Lizards from the "Souls" series.