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"Seek the old blood, but beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young."
— Vicar Amelia

Vicar Amelia is a boss in Bloodborne.


Vicar Amelia is a high-ranking member of the Healing Church, the successor of Laurence, and to whom his Gold Pendant has been passed down.

In stark contrast with the Beast Patients, people that slowly turn into monsters under layers of bandages, this woman shows perfectly what happens when a human mutates suddenly into a full-fledged Beast: at first Amelia is seen as a normal human woman with tattered white robes, kneeling and reciting a prayer, but after a few instants she changes abruptly. Her skin ruptures under the force of her new body, splattering blood all around her: now another kind of Cleric Beast, her ash blonde hair has become a long wild mane while her face, covered by scraps of her clothes like the rest of her body, has turned into a lupine head with thin antlers and a slasher smile of sharp teeth.

She can extend her claws like a cat, and they are sharp and hard enough to emit sparks while grinding on stone. Her arms are powerful as well, being able to create a strong shockwave by smashing them to the floor.

The same Gold Pendant that she still clutches proves to be more than a simple locket: Amelia is able to use it to channel energy in order to start healing her wounds in a pillar of golden light, thus making it function similarly to a Hunter Tool.

As a "True" Beast she will take extra damage from Fire and Serration damage.



Being a beast, Vicar Amelia is weak against fire and serration damage. Rope Molotov Cocktails can be effective when Vicar Amelia is stunned. The Flamesprayer can stun-lock her and deal massive damage. Also combining the Saw Cleaver (saw form) or the Saw Spear with Fire Paper is a good choice due to the additional damage dealt by fire and the hidden +20% ATK multiplier against beasts of these two weapons.

Amelia attacks mainly with her right hand, as she holds the pendant in her left (making the left side more vulnerable).

When her health is below 50%, Amelia can heal herself through prayer. Attacking and staggering her will interrupt the healing. A Numbing Mist can be thrown at her to prevent healing. It is suggested that you throw the Numbing Mist immediately after she reaches 50% HP, as casting it when she starts her prayer will take time and she will heal a significant amount before it is stopped by the consumable. Each Numbing Mist prevents healing for 30 seconds.

Attack Patterns

Attack Name Description How to Counter
Vault attack Vicar Amelia jumps and attempts to slam the player to the ground using her fist. Dodge left/right just before she lands.
Prayer Strike Vicar Amelia raises both arms, then smashes the ground causing a shockwave that deals massive damage. Dodge left/right just before her hands hit the ground.
Single Arm Slash Vicar Amelia raises one arm, then attacks in a wide frontal area. Dodge under the attacking arm.
Double Arm Slash Vicar Amelia raises both arms, then attacks in a wide frontal area (clapping her hands at the end). Quickstep backwards.
Grind Slash Vicar Amelia places her hand on the ground behind her back, then grinds her nails and attacks in a wide frontal area. Quickstep backwards.
Bite Vicar Amelia attacks with her teeth. Quickstep Backwards.


Vicar Amelia repeats the following prayer while kneeling before the altar as you approach her:

Amelia's Prayer
"Our thirst for blood satiates us, soothes our fears. Seek the old blood, but beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young.
The foul beasts will dangle nectar and lure the meek into the depths. Remain wary of the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young. Were it not for fear, death would go unlamented.
Seek the old blood. Let us pray, let us wish to partake in communion. Let us partake in communion and feast upon the old blood."


  • Slaying Vicar Amelia does not trigger the Nightfall Moon Cycle, only touching Laurence's Skull in the altar will. This means that, if the player uses a glitch to skip the door leading to Forbidden Woods (which is normally locked behind a dialogue prompt only unlockable after interacting with said skull, but can be skipped with exploits such as the gate clip in Central Yharnam) and progresses further in the story, they can come back later to manually set the time to midnight. This can be used, for example, to lower the price of the consumables, which increases with every moon phase.
  • Numbing Mist is an extremely valuable and useful item during this boss fight.


  • Vicar Amelia is voiced by Lucy Briggs-Owen in English and Shizuka Itō in Japanese.
  • In The Old Hunters DLC, there is a Healing Church Hunter that some believe to be Vicar Amelia. However, she is not. Rather, she is meant to create a connection to the real altar to with Laurence's beastly skull in the Grand Cathedral.
  • Amelia was originally going to be named "Saint Laura" in the early stages of Bloodborne's development, but was changed to "Vicar Amelia" for unknown reasons.
  • Her beastly roars can be roughly heard as “Go”, “Go away”, or “Get out”, albeit very distorted.
  • Her human model is actually a Bell-Ringing Women with a different texture. This likely doesn't mean anything as the player is never meant to see her face.
  • Her name, in Japanese, is: '教区長エミーリア'. It means 'Parish (教区) Leader (長) Amelia (エミーリア)'.




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