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Hello there. I am The Nameless Lancer, but you can just call me Lancer. I am a Content Moderator on this wiki. Welcome to my page. There's a lot of stuff on this page, so I hope you are able to find what you're looking for.

If you have any questions for me, then don't hesitate to ask. Ask me whatever you want, and I'll give you an honest answer.

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About The Nameless Lancer

  • If you want to see what I look like, check this out.
  • My name is a combination of "Nameless King" and "Iron Lancer". I think the name is badass, but that's just me.
  • My favorite boss in Bloodborne is Lady Maria.
  • I love collecting Shining Coins.
  • I hate all Fishmen and everything that they stand for.
  • My Bloodborne waifus are Lady Maria, Vicar Amelia, The Doll, and Henriett. I don’t mind Sister Adella.
  • My Dark Souls waifus are Quelaag, Gwynevere, Yuria, and the Fire Keeper.
  • My Demon's Souls waifus are the Fool's Idol and Maiden in Black.
  • My favorite bosses in Dark Souls are Sir Alonne and Yhorm the Giant.
  • My favorite boss in Demon's Souls is False King Allant.
  • My favorite weapons are the Rakuyo, Burial Blade, Chikage, Simon's Bowblade, and Rifle Spear.
  • My least favorite weapons are the Tonitrus, Kirkhammer, and Holy Moonlight Sword.
  • My favorite books are "Ready Player One", "The Ranger's Apprentice", "Night of the Howling Dogs", and "The Maze Runner". The worst book that I have ever had to read is "Banner in the Sky".
  • My favorite stats are Vitality, Bloodtinge, and Skill.
  • My goals in Bloodborne are to be level 594, get all weapons to at least +9, complete all Chalice Dungeons, obtain every Caryll Rune, and get the Platinum Trophy.
  • I am obsessed with Greek Mythology, so much that you could call me a Pagan.
  • My favorite youtubers are DanTDM, Markiplier, and Jacksepticeye.
  • I wouldn't be able to live in a world without music.
  • My 5 favorite bands are Chelsea Grin, Trivium, Black Veil Brides, Metallica, and Bullet For My Valentine.
  • My favorite song is "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica.
  • My favorite movie is a tie between The Hitman's Bodyguard and Van Helsing.
  • My favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, Breaking Bad, Arrow, Brooklynn Nine-Nine, Adventure Time, Vikings, and Sharpe.
  • I am older brother.
  • My favorite video game characters are Reaper from Overwatch, Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, Aiden Pearce from Watch_Dogs, Raiden from Metal Gear, Big Boss from Metal Gear, Solid Snake from Metal Gear, Punished "Venom" Snake from Metal Gear, and Kratos from God of War.
  • My favorite video game villains are Malthael in Diablo 3, Miraak in Skyrim, and Colonel Mael Radec in Killzone 2.
  • I am American.
  • I live in Louisiana. I was born in New Orleans.
  • I made the Lucky 30,000th, 32,000th, 35,000th, 40,000th, 41,000th, 42,000th, 43,000th, 48,000th, 52,000th, 53,000th, and 57,000th edits on this wiki.
  • My favorite video game quote is “I never asked for this” by Adam Jenson in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I think that that line is extremely badass.
  • My spirit animal is either a wolf or a stag.


The Story of Harold Jenkins

The stories about Harold Vladamir Jenkins, also known as The Nameless Lancer. He appears as the main protagonist in all of these stories, with the exception of "The Bleeding" and "Crimson Day". These stories are very inaccurate to Bloodborne's lore, and should not be considered canon in any way. This story takes place in the same timeline as Doctor-Plague5113's story.
The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer

The Bleeding

The Fallen Lancer (Remaster coming soon!)

The Redeemer (Remaster coming soon!)


The Iron Lancers

Hail to the Queen

Rise of the Reapers

The Stage

Crimson Day

Return of the Lancer

The Final Chapter

The Chronicles of Deckard Kroeger

The Black

  • Intro: The Black Intro
  • Chapter 1: The Black
  • Chapter 2: Silent Night
  • Chapter 3: Pieces of the Past
  • Chapter 4: The Messenger
  • Chapter 5: Poisonous Shadows
  • Chapter 6: Fade to Black
  • Chapter 7: See the Light
  • Chapter 8: Cast Out

Count Your Blessings

  • Chapter 1: Count Your Blessings
  • Chapter 2: Heart Bursts into Fire
  • Chapter 3: Malice
  • Chapter 4: A Warning
  • Chapter 5: Poisoned
  • Chapter 6: Revelations
  • Chapter 7: (Secret)

Cathedral of the Night

  • Chapter 1: (Secret)
  • Chapter 2: Silence
  • Chapter 3: Nightfall
  • Chapter 4: Born Again
  • Chapter 5: Burning Away
  • Chapter 6: One More Light
  • Chapter 7: (Secret)
  • Chapter 8: A Plot Revealed

A Night to Remember

  • Chapter 1: A Dark Exile
  • Chapter 2: The Return
  • Chapter 3: Shadow of the Damned
  • Chapter 4: An Angel With Crow's Wings
  • Chapter 5: The Gambler
  • Chapter 6: Anarchy in Yharman
  • Chapter 7: (Secret)
  • Chapter 8: Endgame
  • Chapter 9: The Light

Night of the Hunt

  • Prologue: Inception
  • Chapter 1: A Calm Before the Storm
  • Chapter 2: The Thing That Should Not Be
  • Chapter 3: Night of the Hunt
  • Chapter 4: No Prayer for the Dying
  • Chapter 5: Blood of the Wolf
  • Chapter 6: Carpe Diem Baby

The Mind of Madness

  • Prologue: Returning to Cainhurst
  • Chapter 1: The Holy Chalice
  • Chapter 2: Lost Legacy
  • Chapter 3: The First Goodbye
  • Chapter 4: Flash of the Blade
  • Chapter 5: The Attack
  • Chapter 6 (Secret)
  • Chapter 7: Ille Divinitas Insanus
  • Chapter 8: Back to the Front
  • Chapter 9: Struck Down
  • Chapter 10: The Final Journey
  • Chapter 11: Coming Home
  • Chapter 12: Revelations

A Light in a Darkened World

  • Chapter 1: Winter is Coming
  • Chapter 2: The Angel and the Gambler
  • Chapter 3: Eye of the Storm
  • Chapter 4: Betrayer
  • Chapter 5: Endless Night
  • Chapter 6: Fallen Angel
  • Chapter 7: When All Light Dies
  • Chapter 8: So Far Away
  • Chapter 9: House of Bones
  • Chapter 10: Beneath the Flames
  • Chapter 11: (Secret)

The End of All Things to Come

  • Prologue: My Friend of Misery
  • Chapter 1: Lost it All
  • Chapter 2: Saints and Sinners
  • Chapter 3: Deliverance
  • Chapter 4: My Damnation
  • Chapter 5: The Red and the Black
  • Chapter 6: Through Blood and Dirt and Bone
  • Chapter 7: In My Darkest Hour
  • Chapter 8: The Darkness of My Mind
  • Chapter 9: Silence in the Snow
  • Chapter 10: Poison, The Knife or the Noose
  • Epilogue: (Secret)

Spin-offs/Origin Stories

The Last Hunt

Hail to the King

Sins of the Father

The New Testament

These are the stories that take place after The Story of Harold Jenkins. They follow Henriett and her two children, Jack and Lydia. I don't actually have any ideas yet.

Fanfiction Remasters

Remastered versions of my fanfictions.
Rise of the Nameless Lancer (The Legend of Harold Jenkins Remastered)

The Lancer's Story

The Betrayal: Act I

The Betrayal: Act II

Standalone Stories

Saints & Sinners: The Accursed Ones

Lancer's Fanfiction Reviews

Doctor-Plague5113 Reviews:

CuteLunaMoon Reviews:

NightcoreHunter/Loki42 Reviews:

Zack Treadway/VicVague Reviews:

Fanfiction Re-reviews:

Fanfiction Theme Songs

  • The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer - We Come Out at Night (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • The Bleeding - Shepherd of Fire (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • The Last Hunt - Night of the Hunter (30 Seconds to Mars)
  • Hail to the King - Hail to the King (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • The Fallen Lancer - Dirty Window (Metallica)
  • The Redeemer - The Thing That's Killing Me (Trivium)
  • Rise of the Nameless Lancer - This Means War (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Immortalized - Immortalized (Disturbed)
  • Bloody Crow of Cainhurst - The Ghost That’s Haunting You (Trivium)
  • The Iron Lancers - The Fight (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Hail to the Queen - Holier Than Thou (Metallica)
  • The God King - Indestructible (Disturbed)
  • Rise of the Reapers - The Hangman's Body Count (Volbeat)
  • The Stage - The Stage (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Revenge of the Crow - 4 Words (To Choke Upon) [Bullet For My Valentine]
  • Crimson Day - Crimson Day (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • Return of the Lancer - Demons (Avenged Sevenfold)
  • The Final Chapter - Demise of the Ritual (Shadow of the Colossus)
  • Sins of the Father - The Unforgiven (Metallica)
  • Wrath of the Bloody Crow - Don't Tread on Me (Metallica)

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Bloodborne Top 10s and 15s

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Facts about The Nameless Lancer

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The Lancer's Bloodborne Academy

Fanfiction Characters

Warning: This does contain fanfiction spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Protagonists and Antagonists:

  • Harold Jenkins - The main protagonist and anti-hero of "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer", "The Fallen Lancer", "The Redeemer", and "Immortalized", the tritagonist of "The Bleeding", and the secondary antagonist of "Hail to the King". Also known as "The Nameless Lancer", Harold is a soldier who fights using bloodthirsty and barbaric methods, and is a fearless commander who conquered many kingdoms with his Iron Lancers. Harold is displayed as an anti-hero due to his growing insanity, the many crimes he has committed, and the fact that he does anything that he thinks is right without considering how others view his actions. However, sometimes Harold has good intentions. Harold's sanity eventually does return to him, and he atones for his mistakes, making things right with everyone who he had wronged. Harold also helped a friend named Jack, better known as Doctor Plague, defeat a killer known as James the Ripper. Harold is also known for being a bad husband, having a gambling problem, being an alcoholic, and having an incestuous relationship with his stepsister. Harold is a very skilled blacksmith, being trained by his father from a very young age. He hates crying in front of other people, but he has done it on occasion. Harold speaks with a Scottish accent, has a black beard and ponytail, has a ring in his lip, and is missing several teeth. He also has several scars on his face, as well as cuts on his body, showing his experience. In "The Redeemer", Harold narrowly escapes being killed by a bomb. In "Immortalized", Harold loses his right eye, and his Burial Blade breaks. Harold has been known to ruin the word "motherfucker" for people. He has also been known to sleep with many different women, even when he was married. In "Rise of the Reapers", Harold learns that he is a demi-god. In "The Stage", Harold Meets the Reaper, and disappears. He returns 26 years later in "Crimson Day", while disguised as a gravedigger. In "The Final Chapter", Harold dies of a heart attack, and is buried next to his first wife, Lydia.
  • Henriett Jenkins - The tertiary antagonist of "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer" and one of 2 deuteragonists in "The Redeemer". When Zachary decided to betray Harold, he hired Henriett to help him. He told Henriett to find Harold and tell him that he left Yharnam, but Harold knew that she was lying to him, and decided to stalk her and try to see where she was going. He followed her to a meeting place, where he discovered that Zachary wanted to betray him. When Henriett left, Harold killed Zachary. She was very saddened by Zachary's death, but Harold told her that his death was necessary. After Harold was banished from Yharnam, Henriett tried to kill him, and shot him in the stomach with her bow. Harold survived, but Henriett came to finish him off. Before she could kill Harold, however, he grabbed her, then kissed her. Henriett then accepted that Harold was not a traitor. In "The Redeemer", Henriett and Kade are recruited by Doctor Plague to help him find the person who almost killed Harold. When Henriett almost gets herself killed, she admits having feelings for Harold. After Lydia's death in "Immortalized", Henriett and Harold form a relationship. In "Rise of the Reapers", Henriett and Harold get married.
  • Krystof, the Shepherd of Fire - The main protagonist of "The Bleeding". Krystof is a priest who came to Yharnam to spread the worship of Yhorm the Giant, but is eventually granted powers to control fire, and has a bloody war against a religious order. He gave himself the name "Shepherd of Fire" due to his pyromancy. At the end of his story, Krystof is crucified by the Order, and dies while being tied to a cross. He is the first of five protagonists to die.
  • King Miltiades, The Shadow Lord - The primary antagonist of "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer", and the protagonist of "Hail to the King". The Shadow Lord has powers that give him control over the darkness, but only if he is in the shadows. He gained support from the citizens of Yharnam by simply showing off his shadow powers. He was eventually crowned the king of Yharnam after Vendrick discovered the Dark Crown. His Reign of the Shadows came to an end when Miltiades was killed by Harold Jenkins.
  • Garrett - The primary antagonist of "The Redeemer". Garrett was an Old Hunter, but eventually betrayed his fellow hunters and became a bandit. He was easily recognizable because of his massive hat. Unlike some other antagonists, Garrett is not truly evil. He is actually somewhat friendly, as he let Henriett live after she shot at him with her bow. Garrett has the ability to transform into a dragon once a day. Garrett is killed by Harold, but was able to kill Kade before dying.
  • Maltron the Necromancer - The primary antagonist of "Immortalized". Maltron came to Yharnam from a faraway land seeking a worthy opponent. He fight Harold in a duel and loses. He wants revenge against Harold, and kills Lydia. Harold kills Maltron by cutting both of his eyes out and throwing him into the water. He is the most evil of all antagonists.
  • Pale - The secondary protagonist of "The Iron Lancers" and "The Stage", and a supporting character in "Rise of the Reapers". Pale first met Harold when she wanted to join the Iron Lancers. Harold initially disliked her, but they became good friends over time. He made her the second in command of the Iron Lancers, which means he trusts her very much.
  • Strider Jenkins - Harold Jenkins's father. Strider was a blacksmith, and taught Harold how to be a great blacksmith. When Strider got divorced, Harold hated his father from that moment onward. In "The Fallen Lancer", Harold returns home to attend Strider's funeral, even though he still hates his father. Strider will appear as the protagonist in "Sins of the Father".

Supporting Characters:

  • Zachary - The secondary antagonist of "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer". Zachary was Harold Jenkins's first friend, helping him after he arrived in Yharnam, even letting Harold stay at his house. When Harold became a military commander, Zachary was appointed as the second-in-command of Harold's Iron Lancers. Eventually, Zachary felt that Harold's growing insanity would cause Harold to become too dangerous, and planned on assassinating Harold. However, Harold find out about Zachary's plan, and killed his friend. Zachary's death lead to many of Harold's superiors hating him, and wanted to banish Harold because of Zachary's death, but couldn't due to the fact that many Yharnamites saw Harold as a hero.
  • Kade - A supporting character in "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer" and one of two deuteragonists in "The Redeemer". Kade is a very young hunter (only 15 years old), and dresses like the stereotypical hunter. Kade first met Harold after the latter was nearly killed by bandits sent by Siris. Kade said that the bandits were hired by an officer who disapproved of how Harold fought. After Harold was banished from Yharnam, Kade helped him by informing Harold about the Shadow Lord. Kade was then shot in the back by Henriett, but it was confirmed that he survived. In "The Redeemer", Kade and Henriett are recruited by Doctor Plague to help him find the person responsible for almost killing Harold. Kade is killed by Garrett with a throwing knife to his left eye.
  • Lydia Jenkins - Harold Jenkins' first wife. Lydia was easily recognizable by her black dress, jewelry, and scarf covering her hair. Harold and Lydia first met after Harold was nearly killed by 4 bandits, but Lydia brought him to her house and healed him. Harold fell in love with Lydia instantly, and the two got married after 4 years. Their marriage almost ended when Harold's military tactics got out of control, and Lydia called Harold insane. This made Harold hit Lydia on the face while wearing an iron gauntlet, leaving a bruise on her face. After killing the Shadow Lord, Harold returned home, then he and Lydia's marriage was rekindled. In "The Redeemer", Lydia never left Harold's side when he was in the hospital. In "Immortalized", Lydia is killed by Maltron. Her death nearly drives Harold insane.
  • Elena - Harold Jenkins' stepsister. Despite playing a minor role in "The Legend of Harold Jenkins, the Nameless Lancer", Elena plays a major role in "The Fallen Lancer". Harold was first introduced to Elena and her mother when he was 18. Despite Harold's extreme hatred towards his stepmother, he got along just fine with Elena. Their relationship took a massive turn after Harold and Elena kissed for the first time, and they formed an incestuous relationship in secret. After 5 years, Elena's mother was killed by bandits. At the funeral, Harold was very disrespectful, and Elena was not happy with her stepbrother. After the funeral, when Harold's father had to leave town for the night, Harold tried to kiss Elena, but she refused. Harold then grabbed her arm and almost assaulted his stepsister, but she scratched him, which made him bleed. Elena then left, but Harold found her, and the two slept together. 2 weeks later, Elena told Harold that she was pregnant, and Harold didn't want to face the consequences of his actions, and he left home. In "The Fallen Lancer", Elena is married to a man named Thomas, who Harold hates. Elena tells Harold about what happened to their child, but Thomas overheard their conversation. Thomas then raped Elena, and Harold killed him. After Thomas's funeral, Harold and Elena slept together for the last time. Elena appears as the primary antagonist in "Hail to the Queen". She became the Darkblade Queen after killing the previous king. Harold is forced to kill his sister.
  • Samantha - A supporting character in "The Iron Lancers", "Rise of the Reapers", and "The Stage". Samantha is a prostitute and stripper. Harold first encounters Samantha after escaping the abandoned prison. She attempts to seduce him, and he gives in. Harold slept with Samantha, but later learns that she was working for Ptolemy, and was trying to get information out of him. Samantha is known to be very pretty. Although he has only met her a few times, Harold does love Samantha.

Minor Characters:

  • Samantha Jenkins - Harold Jenkins's mother. Samantha taught Harold how to cook and do farm work when he was a child. When Harold was 17 years old, Strider and Samantha got divorced. After Harold killed the Shadow Lord, Samantha appeared to congratulate him, though Harold was most likely hallucinating. Samantha's current whereabouts are unknown.

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