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Curiosity killed the cat you know....

Salve visitor.

I am Sanguine Regis. I am an undead fool who recently returned from Hades meaning i'm edgy and was inactive for a long time. as for what I do on the wiki... well, I make smart alec comments, post theories, but more then anything else just observer and watch. I joined the wiki... I don't even know how long ago and even managed to become a chat mod, then a normal mod. However, life is life and I had to put this on the backburner rather abruptly. However, I am happy to say that i'm back and plan to stay.

Personae Regis

I would describe myself as a horror fan with a vampire fetish and love for all things dark. I also love biology, reading, poetry, theatre, the ocean, and swimming actually, but that's not very edgy now is it?

Visis Terris Regis

I have seen many worlds, and played a part in the salvation of some, and the destruction of others. A few of them have taken up a special place in my memory...

One was a twisted, ravaged land ruined by my own lineage, and in my desperate, maddened attempts for reclamation and redemption, I doomed myself and many others to be forever trapped within the halls of what must truly be the Darkest Dungeon.

Another was a strange, wilting world where the gods were far from divine and man was defined by the Dark Souls that dwelled within their bosoms. This world is one that forever changed me, and brought me to the realization that those peculiar things of light are not as "Good" as we are led to believe...

One that many others here have traversed is one of a twisted, monstrous city where monsters lurked around every corner and madness in every shadow. In this psychotic world did I find loyalty to Sanguine Reginae and confront no shortage of BloodBorne horrors.

Yet another was a strangely beautiful land, defined by it bleak, beautiful, and ultimately ruined cities, the terrible, irradiated monsters that walked, tunneled, and flew, and by the humanity's last bastions within the crumbling walls of the Metro.

Lastly, there was the ruined and sinking city where No Gods or Kings lived. There, only man and his maddened ventures existed, and this once magnificent city experienced a terrible Rapture, except that no one found salvation. Instead this underwater paradise sunk further and further into genuine madness and chaos, and it would seem that killing this mad land's great entrepreneur only sent it further into Dissaray.

There are many other worlds I have traversed, such as ruined halls of the Schrade Kingdom where I traversed the land as a Monster Hunter and the the ancient temples I ruined, destroyed, and ransacked as I took up the mantle of God of War, but these worlds are the ones I am particularly fond of.

Certi de Regis


Within the context of Yharnam's bleak and doomed world, I pledge myself to the maddened royalty of the Vilebloods, among which my loyalty truly lies with the Blood Queen, Annalise. Let those mad church dogs come, they failed to kill her once, and so it is they shall fail again.

Tempus Est In Hades

I have recently returned from a period of long inactivity, brought on by personal matters I would like to keep private. formerly, these kept me inactive on the wiki for what i'm sure was a year, but i'm glad to say that I have returned from the bowels of Hades and have no intentions to return there any time soon.


  • "What's with the weird name?" My name, Sanuine Regis, is latin for "King of Blood", or "Blood King". Contrary to what you might think, I actually did not choose this name in reference to the Bloody Queen of Cainhurst. Rather, I was inspired by a friend of mine, Rex Omni Furtum, or the "King of All thieves", to choose a name that reflected my typical nature within games (Which, to be honest, is a vampiric asshole who hates the divine).
  • "What's with the random Latin phrases on this page", good question. You see, I took latin in High school and it just kind of became one of my schticks, alongside vampirism.
  • "What is it with you and Vampires?" Very good question. Long story short, the concept of a vampire, an immortal monster who feasts upon the blood (or in some iterations, the souls) of the living, was something that terrified me, but as I grew up I came to envy them, namely their immortal nature and freedom from morality. They are monsters, they do not feel compassion or love or regret, only their own ambition. Some iterations of the vampire are also just plain bad ass while still being horrible (I'm looking at you, Alucard).
  • "What kind of movies do you like?" Horror. I am an avid horror fan. now im not talking cheep bad horror like most of whats out there, but true, genuine horror. "Alien", "Hellraiser", "The THING", "The Babbadook" and the like. Movies and shows that convey their horror not through cheap jumpscares and an idiotic plot, but movies that create a sense of dread and horror through their cinematography, audio, and a good plot. These movies are unfortunately few and far between, but those rare gems in the genre are ones I love
  • "Any sort of motto's you like?" yes. the "Full" version of "Blood runs thicker then water." you see, that phrase is actually a shortened version of "The Blood of the Covenant runs thicker then the water of the Womb". While the shortened version is often used to mean "You should put family first", the original essentially means that any oath any choice you make of you own free will will be far stronger then any oath or responsibility you were born into. That resonates with me a lot for some reason.
  • "Your not as clever as you think you are." Oh I'm perfectly aware. I'm still gonna be a smart alec.

Yet Satisfaction seems to have brought it back...