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"The moon harbors the most intimate secrets of this world... and the others. Is it any wonder then why so many gaze at it in wonder and praise?"
— Krimzon, Insight Archivist
Hunter.png Krimzon Mechanism has [[Special:Contributions/Krimzon Mechanism|Special:Editcount/Krimzon Mechanism]] insight.

About me

Pleasure to meet your acquaitance, I'm a guy who enjoys Bloodborne to the core, and have been working on the wiki since way before becoming a member.

I have also aided in Dark Souls 1/2/3 wikis as well, but that was before being a member of the wiki, besides, those games have way more people to work on them.


  • As of the 31st of May of 2017, I've been appointed as a Content Moderator. I am quite an active contributor for the wiki and if anyone wishes some pages to be added, please notify me, I'll gladly help out. I can also offer some tips on the wiki if you need it. :D
  • Holy hell, it's the 22nd of October of 2017 and I am now officially at Rank 1 of this wiki! I never thought I'd actually get there to be honest. xD
  • As of the 10th of November of 2017, I've been promoted from my position as Content Moderator, to an Administrator. I shall keep up my normal activity and will develop my skills and knowledge to become the best possible Admin that I can, to the best of my abilities. Many thanks to the veteran admins for trusting me.
  • 9th of January, 2018- Got to the 5000 Edit mark on the wikia. :p

Lore Fanaticism

"Perhaps the fascination with water, lakes, and seas are not because they are liquid... but because they reflect backwards when light and darkness occupy opposite spaces. Could it be that countless secrets remain hidden still, merely due to a thin layer that simulates a mirror?"
— Krimzon, Insight Archivist

"To Do" List

This is my "to do" list arranged in accordance to their priority and if you wish to help me, do not hesitate in messaging me so I can fill you in on how to make these things work.

Let us make the wiki a more beautiful and informative place ;)

  1. Lamps- need to add pictures, lore and descriptions.
  2. Chalice Dungeons/Chalices- These pages are a ****ing mess. No one has touched them in a long while and I myself have been avoiding this because it will take ACTUAL planning to organize this;
  3. Bath Messenger- I have yet to add the contents of this page in terms of what items are purchaseable and how and when they are available for purchase. Will take some planning and time to iron out the details of this page;
  4. Blood Gems- More drop info needed, more pictures needed.
    1. Need still a lot of images, in particular at least those for the Unique Blood Gems


  1. Blood Gems- more are sorely needed.
  2. Unopened Summons/Brain Fluid

My "Method"

Creating and Organizing pages

I've been lurking for a very long time on the Soulsborne wiki and I've seen how people organize the information on pages for so long, that not seeing things correctly organized physically "triggers" me. And as such, I've made a small template below that explains how it is done, do keep in mind however, that in some pages this does not apply.

In my most humble of opinions a page should have the following things, by order that is seen in the page itself (read the small text plz):

  1. A brief introduction at the top of the page: "X (the actual name of the page) is a Y (category of the page's subject) in Bloodborne."; if it is something in the dlc, then make it: "X (the actual name of the page) is a Y (category of the page's subject) in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC."
  2. "Description" section (add to ALL pages, if it is an item, then it has a description that must be transcribed from the game itself, otherwise, an explanation of the thing in question is best)
  3. "Location/Availability" section ("Location" is for creatures/NPCs and actual places in the game, whereas "Availability" is for items that can be acquired)
  4. "Characteristics/Use/Effect" section (this one is exclusive for weapons, consumables and items)
  5. "Lore" section (only add if the object in question is relevant to the story of Bloodborne, for instance historical figures/places/organizations in the game merit a "Lore" page, whereas a simple Molotov Cocktail does not)
  6. "Dialogue" section (only add for characters/bosses)
  7. "Strategy" section (only for beings that can be fought of course)
  8. "Notes" section (only add factual statements that can help synthethize info, like drops, what happens in game after doing something relevant in game, informative and valuable bits of information)
  9. "Trivia" section (add small curiosities and even lore theories that cannot be confirmed)
  10. "Gallery" section (only add if the subject can be visually seen in the world of bloodborne)
  11. "Music" section (only add for bosses, or things where music is truly relevant for the subject)
  12. "Videos" section (same as the "Gallery" section)

Images and Videos

  1. Always write the name of "thing" in question in an objective manner, with the correct uppercases (I once flipped because the image for the Tonitrus was called something along the lines of "ball-on-a-stick")
  2. Check the name on the wiki to see if the name already exists (if the name you wanted is already taken, then just add a parentesis and a small bit of info or number to better identify it) (if you want to see if the name is taken already, then go to a random page, choose to add an image on the top left bar, and then write what you would want to add, if its there already, then there's no need for it)
  3. ALWAYS ADD SPACES BETWEEN WORDS!!!!!! (I cannot stress this enough, because when I was adding the pictures for tables in the Weapons/Attire pages, a while back, the fact that names lacked a space between words made it a complete nightmare looking for them; in short, adding spaces allows everyone to better research things and that's good)

Dialogue boxes

These are dialogue boxes for character speeches, I have left it here so I can use it when needed.

{{Collapse|see dialogue}}
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 | scope="row" style="width: 50px; background-color: #151515; border-radius:10px 0 0 0;" | Title-line
 | style="border-radius: 0 10px 0 0;" | content-line
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 | content
 | scope="row" rowspan="2" style="width: 50px; background-color: #151515;" | title
 | content 1
 | content 2
 | scope="row" style="width: 50px; background-color: #151515; border-radius: 0 0 0 10px; border-bottom: 0;" | Final title
 | style="border-bottom: 0; border-radius: 0 0 10px 0;" | final content line

A resumé of my work on the wiki

This resumé is something that I created very recently and so it is impossible for me to fully remember the things I've already contributed for in the wiki.


  • Attire pages- I've singlehandedly and painstakingly created every single existing page for an "Attire Set" on the wiki, added their stats, and pictures, as well as organized their info. Also added nearly every single dlc piece of attire, as well as their stats and pictures.
  • Caryll Runes pages- I added and organized a lot of their info, making them bulkier pages with not only with their actual effects, but also interesting facts and theories about them.
  • Consumable pages- I have essentially organized them all to resemble in a similar manner and added info to these pages
  • Key Items pages- I organized it and added the ones from the dlcs
  • Weapons page- I added the tables, stats and pictures and organized its info. Also worked and organized literally every single Right Hand and Left Hand Weapon pages individually so they would match and added both stats and pictures.


  • Vanilla locations- I have been adding tons of info since most of those pages were just complete stubs
  • The Old Hunters- nearly every single location in dlc was created and organized by me, and I also added pages and images


I created the page of most of the "new" dlc enemies (also took most of the pictures for them), especially those in the Research Hall and Fishing Hamlet: