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  Hello! My name is Drew Fangman, currently residing in the United States of America. 

The Best Weapon Ever

Weapons that I use currently: Saw Cleaver, this weapon in my complete opinion is perfect for how I wish

to play this game, with the ability to swing fast and then have a longer reach is completely perfect.

2nd Weapon: Ludwigs Holy Blade

The Holy Blade is a really nice weapon, It has a great sword that has amazing build-up so a build is entirely reliant in order to use this weapon properly. It outfights my Saw Cleaver due to the outstanding range the Holy Blade transformation form has (It turns into a great sword.)

Ludwig's Holy Blade.jpg

Ranged weapons:

My ranged weapon currently is the standard pistol you get in the game. I choose this ranged weapon because I enjoy the speed in which it can be used. I currently have it at a +6 so it is doing 120 damage, then when Bone Ash is used on it, it easily does 300 damage make it a nice weapon to finish a boss off, or get rid of an enemy that is annoying me

Attire: I am currently wearing the Hunter set, I'm not wearing the entire set but its good for its moderately high defense, nice style, and its good elemental defense