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""At this point, are there any mysteries in Yharnam that haven't been deciphered?""
— Doctor-Plague5113

Doctor Plague is a Moderator who plays Bloodborne.


I joined this wiki because I wanted to comment on a Discussion. Then I really started enjoying Bloodborne and decided to actually make contributions to the Wiki. You can find me basically anywhere, from the Comments of almost every page, to the Blog Post page, the Forums, and even other people's Message Board.


  • September 11, 2017: I have officially joined the Bloodborne Wiki and plan to contribute most days.
  • October 10, 2017: I honestly can't believe it! I'm not even on the leader-board and I've been promoted to Moderator thanks to my friend Krimzon.
  • October 13, 2017: I've decided to put the Blog Post section to good use and I've written the first chapter of my fanfiction.
  • October 25, 2017: I am officially on the leader-board! I plan to keep climbing the ranks and I plan to get to at least the top-ten.
  • October 31, 2017: I knew other people were writing fanfictions, but now they've really exploded! I feel really proud to have started this trend and I have also started referencing the Nameless Lancer.
  • November 2, 2017: I have officially cracked the Top-Ten of the Wiki! I am currently at position #9 and now I want to reach the Top-Five.
  • November 26, 2017: I'm going to be starting my final section of my first book, "Plague Tales", and think I may try to get them published.


Favorite Quotes

"God forgives all. But I'm just a prophet, so I don't have to."
— Zachary Hale Comstock
"The great and strong will not kneel to the weak and feeble."
— Andrew Ryan
"I love you, but why must you love justice, for it is clear that she's a whore. One that virtuous people pay no attention to, but villains screw then studiously ignore."
— V

Favorite Locations

In regards to PvP and Co-op, you'll most likely find me at these locations:

Plague Tales Vol. 1

The Story of Doctor Plague

The New Hunt

City of Madness

Shadow Over Yharnam Part 1

Shadow Over Yharnam Part 2

Plague Tales Vol. 2

Blood In The Dark

The Price of Progress

  • Chapter 1: The Man In the Beaked Mask
  • Chapter 2:

Helsing's Story

Into the Labyrinth

The Lady and the Toad

  • Chapter 1: Financial Cuts
  • Chapter 2: Malcolm Alhazred
  • Chapter 3: Chain Reaction
  • Chapter 4: Finding a Cure
  • Chapter 5: The Man Out of Shadows
  • Chapter 6: Curse Undone

The Ailing Land

  • Chapter 1: Laurence's Plan
  • Chapter 2: The Second Descent
  • Chapter 3: Strange Beasts
  • Chapter 4: Unlikely Allies
  • Chapter 5: Lower Loran
  • Chapter 6: Mensis's Mentor
  • Epilogue: Secrets Beneath the Sands

The Land of Isz

  • Chapter 1: Maria's Problem
  • Chapter 2: Kin of the Cosmos
  • Chapter 3: The Emissary
  • Chapter 4: The Bloody Crows
  • Chapter 5: The Old Blood
  • Chapter 6: Mensis's Victory
  • Chapter 7: Across Realities
  • Epilogue: Laurence's Church

"Standalone" Stories

James the Ripper: The Lancer's Sister

  • Chapter 1: Arrival in Thrace
  • Chapter 2: Locating Elena
  • Chapter 3:

Van Helsing: Massacre

Mensis: The Path to Ascension

Doctor Plague: The Blackthorn Incident

Eleanor & Felix: Season of the Witch

The Ebonshire Chronicles

This is under mental construction.

Doc's Ideas

This section is made up of all of my own original and semi-original creations. I'm going to make blog-posts of some of these ideas, but probably not all of them.


  • Doctor Plague's Laboratory
  • Mensis's Domain
  • Alexander's Mansion
  • New Hunters Barracks
  • Nightmare of Plague
  • Eleanor's House
  • Hell's Square
  • Grosvenor Manor
  • Anderuelas Cemetery


  • Doctor Plague
  • James the Ripper
  • Amelia
  • Van Helsing
  • Eleanor
  • Alexander Gascoigne
  • Mensis
  • Henry Johnson
  • Elizabeth
  • Andrew Trager
  • Alyssa Johnson


Attire Sets

  • The Ripper's Set
  • Forsaken Hunter Set
  • Eldritch Set
  • Amelia's Set
  • Eleanor's Set
  • Plague Hunter Set
  • Legion's Set
  • Chief Acolyte's Set

Other People With Notable Fanfictions


  • The Story of Luna the Kin

The Nameless Lancer

  • The Story of Harold Jenkins-The Nameless Lancer
  • The Bleeding
  • The Fallen Lancer
  • The Redeemer
  • Multiple Others


  • The Unseen Vileblood
  • Weisse Frostes

Fanfiction Characters*

*For some of these characters, these descriptions contain plot spoilers, both minor and major.

Protagonists and Supporting Characters

  • Jack/ Doctor Plague: Jack is the protagonist of my first two fanfictions The Story of Doctor Plague and The New Hunt. He is charismatic, but his smarts are really his only strength. He is described as a man in his late-twenties who keeps his hair short and stylish, has a more narrow face, and blue eyes. In a one on one fight, he will most likely lose. In the first story, he found love in Amelia, a vicar in the Healing Church.When she died, he started going blood-mad, even ending up in the Hunter's Nightmare. He also faced off against a brutal killer and old rival known as James the Ripper in the New Hunt. Last he was seen, he finally married Amelia. In Shadow of Yharnam, they have a daughter named Eleanor. When Amelia is killed however, Plague makes a deal with the Moon Presence to kill Elizabeth in exchange for Amelia. He is one of the primary antagonists of Shadow Over Yharnam Part Two, along with Legion. Jack sacrificed himself to destroy the Moon Presence once and for all.
  • Amelia: Amelia was a vicar, and her life changed the day she met Doctor Plague. They fell in love, but on the night of a terrible hunt, Amelia became a beast, dying at the hand of a hunter. This contributed to Jack's downward spiral in sanity. However, when Jack left the nightmare, they reunited and moved in together. She accompanied Jack on a hunt, and even fought well during the massacre at Old Yharnam. She is a sweet and caring individual, who will fight if she has to. After being kidnapped by James and even losing an eye, she was glad Plague still loved her and agreed to marry her. She later gave birth to a daughter named Eleanor. However, she was infected by the Eldritch Virus by Legion, and then later beaten to death by James, who thought she was Corvus.
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a character introduced in my third fanfiction, The City of Madness. She meets James on the ride to Ithritaria. James also saves her from being raped by members of the Winter Guard. After that, the two formed the beginnings of a relationship, only to be kidnapped by Talon's men and even sentenced to be burnt at the stake. Corvus later changed his mind and decided to make her a dancer instead. When James defeated Corvus and his minions, James chose Elizabeth over power, proving that he actually loved her. Their relationship is actually a solid one as Elizabeth's calmness and innocence contrasts James's fury and brutality. She was murdered, however, by Legion in Shadow Over Yharnam Part 2.
  • Harold Jenkins: A friend of Plague's who helped him defeat James the Ripper, information on Harold can be found here.
  • Van Helsing, The Forsaken Hunter: A peculiar hunter who seems to be both immortal and completely insane. He saves James from Plague and Legion and then accompanied him in his return to Yharnam. He helps James defeat Legion, but not much is know about him. He helped James raise Eleanor and calls himself "The Fun Uncle".

Chaotic Neutral

  • James the Ripper: James went to Yharnam to get his cancer cured, but his family was burnt at the stake in front of him, giving him an intense fear of fire. He wandered the streets with his gang, killing any Huntsmen they came across. He is a supporting antagonist in the Story of Doctor Plague, resulting in him getting killed by Plague twice, once in Yharnam and another time in the Hunter's Nightmare. He was subjected to experiments by the Choir using the Old Blood. The treatments broke his mind but made him far stronger than any normal man. He became a brutal killer, titled "the Ripper" by local newspapers, as well as the primary antagonist for the New Hunt. He later became the protagonist for City of Madness, a story told from his perspective. After being burned at the stake, he made a deal with the Moon Presence, giving him unlimited Eldritch power. He called off the deal however, when he was told to kill Elizabeth. They disappeared after City of Madness for ten months, returning to save Plague's daughter Eleanor from the Moon Presence. After the events of Shadow Over Yharnam, he takes Eleanor in and raises her in Jack's place. He was killed by Zhukov in Blood in the Dark.
  • Mensis, the Eldritch Scholar: Mensis was a scholar at Byrgenwerth who was even more obsessed with insight than Willem. He led the Pthumeru Expedition and eventually arrived at Ihyll. But then he showed his true colors and ransacked the place. He failed to get away completely due to the interference of Van Helsing, however. He then received help from Legion. He then helps Eleanor throughout Blood in the Dark, and is known to have a strange lust for her. He was the subject of some strange process that resulted in him being spread across all realities, albeit in an omnipresent state.


  • Jason of the Choir: Jason was first met when he recruited Doctor Plague to the Healing Church. He was a good friend to Plague, giving advice and supplies for Plague's research. He eventually succumbed to the beastly scourge, turning into a Cleric Beast and dying to a hunter on the Great Bridge. After escaping the Nightmare, he performed experiments on another hunter using the old blood. The result of these experiments was James the Ripper. When Jason felt that Plague had outlived his usefulness, he sent James to kill Plague and his friends. James botched a job however, and Jason berated him for it. In the end, all of Jason's planning was no use when the Ripper broke his neck like a toothpick.
  • Pontiff Corvus: Corvus is the current Pontiff of the city of Ithritaria. He is a tyrant, a liar, a pyromaniac, as well as one who is willing to do anything to find the Eldritch Truth. He sent Talon to apprehend James and Elizabeth and when they were brought before him, he sent them to be burned at the stake. He is a psychopath who keeps his people ignorant to the ruin he is bringing to their lives, for ignorant people are controllable people. He also has a daughter named Alexandria, who is entirely devoted to her father and is currently in a relationship with Talon. He met his demise when James drowned him in a basin of the Old Blood and the Moon Presence claimed his soul.
  • Talon: Talon is Corvus's personal assassin, and he does not disappoint with his work. He is a very determined young man who will do whatever Corvus tells him to and makes sure it gets done. He is the unofficial leader of the Winter Guard. Talon's signature weapons are hooked claws that he used to impale the head of a Winter Lantern, giving his claws the ability to induce Frenzy. One day, Talon met Corvus's daughter Alexandria and they started a relationship. Talon is a secondary antagonist in City of Madness. He rarely talks but when he does, it means death for his target.
  • Alexandria: Alexandria has a slim, beautiful figure and a pretty voice, but she is far from nice. She is the daughter of Corvus, and seems to inherit his knack for sadistic violence. She conceals this better than him though. She is the official leader of the Winter Guard and is currently in a serious relationship with Talon, the Pontiff's personal assassin. She is devoted to her father and will kill if he says so. She was killed by James when he impaled her on her own sword.
  • The Moon Presence: A powerful Great One, the Presence makes its first appearance when James dies. It offers him power in exchange for the death of Elizabeth, which James agrees to. It is a very cunning entity and is probably planning something huge. It is responsible for the events of Shadow Over Yharnam and was destroyed when Jack died.
  • Legion: A new villain who will appear in Chapter 2 of Shadow Over Yharnam Part One, Legion is the combination of all the dead people in Yharnam. He was also imbibed with Eldritch power, making him even stronger than James. He can shape-shift into anyone who's died, as he has their soul within them, in order to deceive anyone. He also has the memories and feelings of all the souls inside him, but is pure evil to the core. He also has the ability to infect anyone he touches with a horrid disease known as the Eldritch Virus. He is said to be from a time before Yharnam, and even before fire. More specifically, he is said to hail from a defiled valley. Legion was destroyed by the combined efforts of Jack, James, Amelia, and Van Helsing.
  • Sarina: Sarina is a witch who, along with her sisters, serves the Moon Presence. When he orders it , they use their magic to gather every corpse in Yharnam and use them to form a whole being. Sarina's sisters were killed by James while she got away. Later in the story, she will work with Legion to bring Yharnam and its protectors to their knees. She died,however, when Doctor Plague performed a backstab VA attack on her.
  • Zhukov Karlosky: Zhukov joined The Iron Reapers with his friend Dimitri to help save people. However, he became disillusioned with the cause and ended up killing Dimitri, for which he was thrown into an asylum. He escaped and killed all of the Iron Reapers, as well as James the Ripper. He tried to kill Eleanor as well, but he failed and ended up falling off of Castle Cainhurst. He was then devoured by a horde of Bloodlickers unleashed by Mensis.

Pages I've Created on This Wiki

I know, it's not a lot. But I mostly edit pages, not create them.

Character Theme Songs

Because I'm a weirdo, I chose a theme song for each of my characters:

  • Doctor Plague/Jack: Madness is My Destiny by Dreams in the Witch House
  • Amelia: Heaven's Night by Akira Yamaoka
  • James the Ripper: Fatal by the RZA
  • The Moon Presence: Undone By The Blood by Alex Roe
  • Legion: No One Will Save You by Aviators
  • Sarina: Brigmore Lullaby from the Dishonored 2 Soundtrack
  • Mensis: Open Up Your Eyes Remix by CG5
  • Eleanor: Daddy Won't You Please Come Home by Annette Hanshaw
  • Zhukov Karlosky: Forsake Me Now by J.T. Machinima

I'm not going to add links. You're going to have to look them up yourself.