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The Upper Cathedral Ward is a location in Bloodborne.


Once the holding of the Choir, the highest-ranking members of the Healing Church, Upper Cathedral Ward now lies dark. It has now been overrun by the very same beasts that plague the rest of Yharnam below, though a scant few Church Servants still remain. Locked away from all the world, some of the Church's greatest secrets are waiting to be discovered.


One can only access Upper Cathedral Ward by first acquiring the Upper Cathedral Key and then accessing the door at the top of Healing Church Workshop, in the Cathedral Ward.

Lamps in the Area[]





  • The encounter with the 3 Scourge Beasts here is extremely hard, however, one can exploit the door entrance to deal with them one at a time.
  • With the use of the Beast Cutter, players can kill the Brainsucker behind the door at the end of the long hallway where they are ambushed by a Scourge Beast.


  • This is one of the few locations in the game that has a persistent soundtrack.
  • The beasts have taken over the region and there aren't any Church Giants in Upper Cathedral Ward, hinting the church has fallen and the remaining members of the Choir have fled.
    • The Scourge Beasts that appear in this area are all unique in that they are the only ones in all of Yharnam that have a chance to drop Blue Elixir upon defeat; the Blue Elixir is explicitly stated to have been once used by, "The High Ministers of The Healing Church." With this knowledge, this indicates that the Scourge Beasts here are in fact the former members of The Choir having succumbed to The Beast Plague sometime before the events of the story.
  • Also, rather interestingly, The Scourge Beasts in this area all have a bluish-purple color to their eyes (in comparison to the normally glowing pale white sported by every other Scourge Beast), which also notably seem to be emitting small sparks. This may imply that the members of The Choir that became beasts were on the verge of becoming Darkbeasts, an extremely advanced stage of Beasthood that allows for control over electricity.
  • From the area just after the Lumeflower Garden, the player can look down at the arena where they fought Vicar Amelia.




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