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The Undead Giant is a Chalice Dungeon boss and enemy in Bloodborne.


The face of this miserable being reveals similarities with both Church Giants and Church Servants, suggesting that all these towering creatures belong to the same unholy kind. Its face is the only clue about this connection because the rest of its body is twisted and rotten beyond recognition due to the crude surgery that grafted blades and firearms to its arms.

The Undead Giant is a massive humanoid being that has weapons for hands. It has large, fleshy lumps on specific parts of its body that, when attacked, will burst, causing massive damage to the giant. This may also stagger it for a short time, allowing for attacks on its head and a possible Visceral Attack.

There are four variations of this boss:

  • Dual Blade: Has two large blades for hands. This variant can appear as a normal enemy and a boss.
  • Flaming Blade: Like the Dual Blade version but with one key difference: it has one large, flaming blade for a hand. It is the rarest variant and appears only in an Oil Swamp. Its attacks can ignite the oil around it, dealing area fire damage. This variant has only been encountered as an enemy.
  • Axe and Cannon: Has an axe attached to its right arm, and a cannon for the left. It is present in Chalice Dungeons as both a boss and an enemy. Beware its cannon as the cannonball explodes on contact (with its target or environment), dealing massive damage (often enough to one-shot the player) even if not a direct hit.
  • Chain: Has a club attached to its right arm, and a hook for the left. The large, fleshy lump is around the backside of its right leg, making it difficult to get to. It also has chains attached to its head. These aren't much trouble at the beginning of the fight when the giant only swings them in a short radius and only when the player is in melee range behind it. During the second half of the battle, however, the giant will introduce attacks that flail them at a much longer distance, and will use it regardless of player's position. This variant has only been encountered as a boss.


Use caution and quick or well timed strikes.

If enough damage is dealt to a leg, he will kneel down, allowing the chance to use a Visceral Attack, but he never flinches from gunfire.

One possible tactic for the Blade variant(s) is to stay at a distance and bait the giant's jumping attack, which has a slow recovery animation.

With the addition of The Old Hunters DLC, players now have a ranged alternative approach to fighting this boss. The Bowblade provides a means of attacking comfortably from a distance while still retaining a good damage output.


  • They are weak to Fire and Bolt damage; Chain variant is weak to Fire and Thrust damage.
  • They have giant tumors that can be burst for massive damage.
  • They can appear as regular enemies, except for the Chain variant.


  • These Giants appear to the same as the Church Giants, thus implying that the Healing Church found and enslaved Giants from the Hintertombs. This also makes sense as the naked unarmed Giants can be found in what appears to be a very close to the surface portion of the Hintertombs on the path that leads to Iosefka's Clinic's shortcut, from the Forbidden Woods.
  • The flaming blade giant was first seen on a video during Miyazaki presentation at the PlayStation Experience in December 2014. It has not been seen since by the players for three years and was presumed to be cut content. However, on November 2017, a group of Tomb Prospectors managed to find this rare enemy. Others can encounter this rare enemy by using the Glyph “pa6ssc6u.”



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