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A Transforming Attack is a gameplay mechanic in Bloodborne.

In-Game Description

Press L1 while attacking, rolling, or quickstepping to transform the right-hand weapon while attacking.


A transforming attack is an attack that is executed by transforming the player's trick weapon while attacking. They are fairly basic attacks, but can be very useful.

Transformation Attacks[]

  • Rifle Spear - The Rifle Spear's transformation attack is unique, as the Hunter shoots the enemy with the spear instead of melee attacking the enemy.
  • Reiterpallasch - Similar to the Rifle Spear in the sense that it fires a gun, except that it is a pistol.
  • Saw Cleaver - One of the simpler attacks, where the Hunter performs a horizontal swing while either folding or unfolding the weapon. This attack can easily be chained.
  • Hunter's Axe - While transforming the weapon, the player will quickly extend the weapon and thrust it forward. While transforming the weapon back to the first form, they will engage in a powerful ground smash.
  • Church Pick -
  • Stake Driver - The Stake Driver essentially has 3 transforming attacks. During the first attack, the player will simply pull the stake into the mechanism and punch with the weapon. When untransforming, they will release the stake and perform a horizontal swing. The third only works in the transformed mode. The player will prepare to punch, but at the same time pull a spring loaded piston back, launching the stake at high force towards an enemy.
  • Tonitrus/Boom Hammer - The transforming attacks for both weapons are rather simple. The Player will simply buff the weapon and continue attacking, but they cannot be chained.
  • Kirkhammer -
  • Beasthunter Saif - The transforming attacks for the Beasthunter Saif are similar to the Saw Cleaver, horizontal swings while folding or unfolding the weapon. The difference is, when folding the weapon, the player will dash forward to quickly close in on enemies. When the player unfolds the weapon, they will quickly dodge backwards, leaving an opening to heal or buff.
  • Beast Cutter - The Player will quickly change the weapon into its whip form and quickly slam it to the ground. When untransforming the weapon, they will slam the front end of the weapon on the ground, effectively transforming it and causing a small AOE.
  • Threaded Cane - The player will change the weapon into whip form and perform a fast sideways lash. When untransforming, they will quickly thrust the cane forward and use the pressure of impact to change it back to the first form.
  • Logarius' Wheel
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Transforming attack of the Kirkhammer and Holy Blade