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Tomb Prospectors are characters and sometimes co-operators in Bloodborne.



"Tomb Prospector" is the official title given to hunters that delve deep into the Chalice Dungeons, and the semi-official title given to NPCs that were found, or were, lorewise, known to do so.

Those who are seen as being "true" Tomb Prospectors mostly wear the Tomb Prospector Set, and wield weapons of the Healing Church such as Ludwig's Holy Blade or the Kirkhammer, and left-handed weapons like a torch, or firearms like the Repeating Pistol and the Rosmarinus. However, there was once a phase that preceded the institutionalized nomenclature of Tomb Prospectors, and there were also those who lost their minds in the Dungeons, which means that their choice in weaponry and attire might differ from slightly to greatly from the list provided above.


These hunters are deployed by the Healing Church to explore Chalice Dungeons. While at first glance these ruins seem to be filled with trinkets, the Church saw the truth that they contained the secrets of the Old Great Ones and began to send prospectors to uncover these secrets. While most are friendly and will help you within the dungeons, there is a hostile variant that will attack the player.

Known Tomb Prospectors[]

This is a list of hunters that appear in, or were mentioned to have delved in the Chalice Dungeons: