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Tomb Prospector Olek
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Status Alive
Location Chalice Dungeons
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Japanese Voice  
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Tomb Prospector Olek is a Co-Operator in Bloodborne.


Tomb Prospector Olek is an Old Hunter NPC that will aid players in the Chalice Dungeons. He is a Tomb Prospector deployed by the Healing Church.

He dons the Tomb Prospector Set and wields the Kirkhammer, Repeating Pistol, and Torch.


  • Pthumerian Labyrinth layer 3: In the left corner of the locked exit gate room that leads to the boss, just as you enter.
  • Central Pthumerian Labyrinth layer 3: To the right of the exit gate to the boss room on this floor is an large, dark room. The summon sign is in the far right-hand corner from where you enter.
  • Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth layer 3: His summon sign is just to the left of the entrance that leads to the boss room.
  • Cursed Pthumerian Defilement layer 2: A little to the left of where you enter the large stone elevator room.
  • Pthumeru Ihyll layer 3: The ladder well room with the locked exit door. Look to your left as you enter.


  • Both his weapons and his garb suggest a connection to Ludwig and his Healing Church hunters.
  • In Cursed Pthumerian Defilement, summoning Olek will remove your ability to summon Queen Killer. The same goes for if you summon him in Pthumeru Ihyll.


  • in chalice dungeon "cummmfpk" when the hunter enters the hallway Olek will die due to a trap and the hunter will get it's runes, t
  • his method is considered to be the best rune farm in the gaMore details about this glitch in Zullie The Witche's YouTube channel.