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Tomb Prospector Hunters are Hostile Hunters in Bloodborne.


Tomb Prospector Hunters are a different type of the traditional Tomb Prospectors of the Church. This term is used for Hunters in order to denominate those who can be found and fought in the Chalice Dungeons.



  • One of the Tomb Prospector hunters can be found in Isz Gravestone floor 3.
    • Another two Tomb Prospector hunters can found in Pthumeru Ihyll one on floor 1 and another on floor 3.
    • The Prospector Hunters that use Ludwig's Holy Blade and Rosmarinus can sometimes appear in Isz root chalices.
    • The Prospector Hunters that use the Kirkhammer and Repeating Pistol can sometimes appear in Ihyll and Lower Hintertomb root chalices.
  • Izzy's Admirer can be found in Ailing Loran floor 2.
    • Izzy's Admirer can also randomly appear in Loran root chalices.
  • All Variants besides Izzy's Admirer and Prospector Hunters can be encountered in all root chalices.


  • Tomb Prospector Hunters do not necessarily belong in the in-lore segment of the Healing Church. Instead, it is used as a broad term for Hostile Hunters in Bloodborne that can be found in the Labyrinth.
  • They will appear more commonly in Rotted root chalices.