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The Impurity rune, the Oath rune of the League Confederates which allows them to see Vermin in the blood of their victims.

The League is a covenant in Bloodborne.


The League is led by Valtr, who seeks to destroy all vermin of the world.

This covenant focuses on cooperative play, and its rewards are given only when defeating bosses as a Co-Operator, in another host's world.


By equipping the Impurity rune and killing bosses via co-op, players can acquire Vermin, small centipede-like creatures that reside in the filth and detritus of the streets.

You can crush these to gain favor with the League, and rise up on the League's ranking list.

It also allows players to summon NPC Confederates with the use of the Old Hunter Bell.


League Confederates[]

The following NPCs can be summoned with the use of the Old Hunter Bell while Impurity is equipped:


  • This covenant was added with the patch 1.07 in November 2015.
  • If players kill the red-eyed Old Hunters in Hunter's Nightmare while the rune is equipped, they will drop a Vermin, but only once per playthrough. This means that technically, players need to successfully help hosts of other worlds beat a boss, only twice.
  • Upon reaching Rank 2, Valtr will leave behind his bucket helmet for the player. He does not disappear from the game entirely as he can still be summoned, but his title when summoned will change to Beast Eater. He will also no longer wear his helmet when summoned.
  • The summoning signs of the League Confederate NPCs are of a bloodred hue, as opposed to a pinkish color.


  • It is reminiscent to the Warriors of Sunlight covenant in Dark Souls, as it also focused on cooperation.