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The Hunter
Bloodborne Protagonist
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Player-determined
Race Human, Great One (optional)
Affiliation Hunters
Health Player-determined
Level Player-determined
Status Alive
Location Hunter's Dream
English Voice Daniel Fine, Joe Simms,
William Vanderpuye, Andy Tiernan,
Matthew Reeves,
Lucy Briggs-Owen, Tilly Vosburgh,
Emma Tate
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice  

The Hunter is the player character and main protagonist of Bloodborne.


Bloodborne's trailers and concept art depict the Hunter as a male character wearing a black tricorn, a gray duster coat, a pair of brown leather boots, a pair of black gauntlets with golden ornaments and a reddish bandanna covering his face (known as the Hunter Set). His weapons of choice are a Saw Cleaver and a Hunter Blunderbuss. This version of the Hunter shouldn't be considered canon as the actual in-game Hunter is customized by the player, including gender, equipment, background, and other features that make the Hunter unique to each player's preference.


The origins of the Hunter are determined by the players themselves, ranging from a middle-class upbringing, a troublesome childhood, a military background, a member of a noble family, or a talentless weakling among others.

At some point in their life, the Hunter becomes aware of Paleblood, and goes to Yharnam to obtain and use it to transcend the hunt. Paleblood is not shown to be known about by common people unaware of the Eldritch Truth, however the player wrote a note to themselves mentioning it, which implies that they are aware of the Great Ones to some degree. The note saying they wanted Paleblood in order to transcend the hunt may mean several different goals depending on what "the hunt" is referring to.

  • One potential is literal. They hoped to transcend their humanity and become a Great One, as they are greater than humanity.
  • A second is that they hoped to rise above the lowly, violent, and bestial nature of humanity, either literally by becoming a Great One, or by expanding their mind with the Eldritch Truth.
  • A third is that they were aware of the recurring nature of the night of the hunt, and hoped to end it permanently by eliminating the source of the Beast Plague.

Powers And Abilities[]

Strength: The hunter possesses extreme strength due to the blood transfusion. They can carry really heavy weapons that would be to too much for even a normal muscular individual. They carry weapons like The Kirkhammer, ludwig's holy blade, and even a giant cannon as a secondary firearm with no issues. Despite their high strength, The Hunter can hit really hard aswell, as they are able to shatter tables and chairs easily with one swing and even deal high damage to beasts and cosmic beings which would take almost no damage from a normal individual. This truly shows how much strength a hunter possesses.

Speed and Reaction time: The Hunter can run at super high speeds, and even jump from high heights. The Hunter can outrun almost every beast in the game even the mutated dogs, and get their stamina back within a couple of seconds. They can easily react to attacks and dodge them swiftly, even reacting to bullets being fired as they can perceive and see the bullets velocity.

Superhuman Durability: The Hunter can easily tank hits from giant beasts and cosmic monsters and show little to no damage, demonstrating their high pain tolerance. These beasts are able to smash entire buildings and rocks. Not only this, the hunter is able to tank cannon shots and bullets and even huge meteors from The Living failures and get up almost immediatly, and even taking hits from cosmic magic such as black sky eye, a call beyond, etc.

Mind Control resistance: the Hunter does exhibit a certain degree of mental fortitude throughout the game. The Hunter encounters eldritch and cosmic entities that can manipulate and affect the mind, but their willpower and determination seem to provide some level of resistance against these influences.


After making their way to Yharnam, the Hunter ends up in Iosefka's Clinic where a strange-looking doctor is going to perform a blood transfusion on the Hunter to complete their contract. Right after undergoing the transfusion, the Hunter falls unconscious and suffers from a nightmare. After they wake up, the doctor is nowhere to be found and the Hunter decides to get out of the clinic, and finds a Scourge Beast gorging on a corpse near the entrance.

Outside the clinic is the district of Central Yharnam. Here, the Hunter encounters hordes of demented townsfolk. The Hunter then might meet with several other characters like Gilbert and a fellow huntress known as Eileen, who informs them of the dire situation Yharnam is going through.

Using one of the several Lamps scattered throughout the city (or through means of death for the first time, almost always by the Scourge Beast in the clinic), the Hunter discovers the Hunter's Dream, an ethereal, dream-like area. In this place, the Hunter meets the Messengers, the little pale, implike creatures which previously appeared in their nightmare. The Messengers equip the Hunter with a trick weapon, a firearm and a Notebook.

Inside the Workshop, the Hunter is greeted by Gehrman, an old wheelchair-bound man who instructs the player to kill more beasts "for their own good". Using the Headstone of Awakening, the Hunter teleports back to the real world and makes their way to the Great Bridge, to face the Cleric Beast.


When the Hunter goes to speak with Gehrman at the foot of the tree in the Hunter's Dream, he will present the player with a choice: let him kill the Hunter to release them from their duty as a hunter and let them return to the waking world, or to fight with him. There are three endings, the third of which can only be obtained by using three One Third of Umbilical Cords.

Yharnam Sunrise[]

  • If the player chooses the first option and submits to Gehrman, the Hunter will turn around and kneel, then Gehrman will stand up and swiftly decapitate them. The Hunter then wakes up in what appears to be the true Yharnam, walking into the sunrise. After this scene, The Doll will be seen bidding the Hunter farewell and wishing them the best in the "waking world."

Honoring Wishes[]

  • If the player chooses the second option and refuses Gehrman's offer, Gehrman will stand up and initiate a fight. After defeating Gehrman, the Moon Presence will appear and grab the Hunter. The next scene shows the Doll pushing the Hunter in a wheelchair, with her saying the hunt begins again, implying the Hunter will take Gehrman's place as a Keeper.

Childhood's Beginning[]

  • If the player chooses the second option and refuses Gehrman's offer after using three One Third of Umbilical Cords, the ending will be the same as Honoring Wishes, until the Moon Presence grabs the player. The Hunter will unleash a white shockwave knocking the entity away from the Hunter, initiating another and the true final boss fight. After defeating the Moon Presence, The Doll is seen picking up a black mass resembling a squid, which is revealed to be the Hunter, reborn as a Great One and destined to "lift humanity into its next childhood."



  • The Hunter's clothing in the promotional material is most likely a reference to the French film "Brotherhood of the Wolf." Tricorn, mouth cover, duster and all.
  • The Hunter's original clothing when the game was still being referred to as "Project Beast" was the Charred Hunter Set alongside the Gray Wolf Cap. They used to be part of the same set, and they're still referred to as such in the files.
  • The ending "Childhood's Beginning" and its cutscene sequence are a homage to the plot of the science fiction novel "Childhood's End".


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