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One of the first "normal" Fishmen that can be found.

The Fishmen are a type of enemy in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


Fishmen are all the residents of the Fishing Hamlet who have been transformed by the parasites they gathered from the corpse of Kos.


When the corpse of Kos washed ashore, the villagers used the parasites they gathered from her as fuel. The parasites, however, transformed them into the monstrosities they are currently.

When scholars at Byrgenwerth caught wind of this hamlet, they sent hunters to the village. The old hunters butchered the villagers and searched their skulls for eyes on the inside. Afterwards, following a great act of desecration by the old hunters Kos, cursed them every hunter that would become blood-drunk to be trapped in the Hunter's Nightmare.

These Fishmen now live on in the heart of the nightmare.

Fishmen Variants[]


  • Fishmen are marked by two inherent facts in terms of combat: They are all extremely weak to Fire and are very resistant to Bolt damage. It is something shared across all of them.
    • The one most resistant to Bolt is the Snail Woman, as she is completely immune to it.
  • Fishmen have a somewhat alien appearance, but are not Kin despite this, as evidenced by their resistance to Bolt.


  • The Fishmen's design, as well as the entire design of the Fishing Hamlet, had its inspiration drawn from Lovecraft's "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", one of the most popular, quintessential horror stories written by him.