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The Surgery Altar is a unmarked location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


The Surgery Altar is a most interesting and fascinating manifestation of the Hunter's Nightmare. A secret that existed in the Healing Church and that serves as both a means of adoration and transportation, as a lift.

The altar depicts three entities of the Church, one in robes, reading a text, another, also in robes, using a small bell, and finally a man with the hat associated with Provost Willem.






  • The 3 statues in the altar have symbolic meanings:
    • The one on the right, wearing the White Church Set, holds in his hands a tome. This tome means one of three things: either it is for recording, for learning or for ceremonial purposes.
    • The one on the left, also wearing the White Church Set, holds a bell. This is without doubt related to the Resonant Bells that are used in otherworldly travel, akin to the Bell-ringing Women.
    • The one at the center is donning the Choir Set, and the special headgear is worn only by Master Willem and is, therefore, a clear homage to him.
  • Where the three Labyrinth Rats are there are, oddly, three graves.