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The Storage is a location and mechanic in Bloodborne.


Within the Hunter's Dream.

The Storage is located in Hunter's Dream, inside the Hunter's Workshop. It is made up of three shelves and a long chest.

The storage is where excess items are held and stored.


  • Each item's storage capacity is 99, but Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets, and materials have 600 max storage capacity.
  • Excess items in the players inventory will be automatically placed in the Storage when the player picks up an item.
  • When the player revives or comes back to the Hunter's Dream, their Blood Vials and Quicksilver Bullets will be replenished by the stored items until stored items are used up, but the player will still have to replenish other consumables manually.
  • There are several sections for this storage unit, such as church weapons, Vileblood weapons, and workshop weapons.