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Statues are an environmental element in Bloodborne.


Statues are a visual element that is present in nearly every corner of the world of Bloodborne, in Yharnam and the Chalice Dungeon Labyrinths alike. They create an uneasy atmosphore in most situations, and often reflect the nature of the location players find themselves in.

Some statues depict shrouded women, some depict the Messengers, others depict alien creatures, others still depict the figures of graceful nobles, such as in Forsaken Castle Cainhurst, and more often than not, there are so many of them in every single place, that it is as if the craftsmen were making statues out of feverish compulsion.

List of Statues[]

  • Shrouded Women Statues
  • Messenger Statues
  • Amygdala Statues
  • Ebrietas Statues
  • Cainhurst Statues

Unique Statues[]


There are several statues in the tombs, indicating that the messengers have been here before the Hunter's Dream.




Central Yharnam[]

Hunter's Dream[]

Old Yharnam[]

Cathedral Ward[]

Upper Cathedral Ward[]

Hemwick Charnel Lane[]

Forbidden Wood[]


Yahar'gul, Unseen Village[]

Forsaken Cainhurst Castle[]

Nightmare Frontier[]

Nightmare of Mensis[]

Research Hall[]

Fishing Hamlet[]

Chalice Dungeons[]