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The Snake Parasite is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Snake Parasites seem to be Huntsmen who have been infected by parasitic snakes that infest the dark depths of the Forbidden Woods.

Though most of these enemies already exhibit the horrifying snakes from their necks, some appear to be normal from a distance, upon noticing the player the host will clutch his head and shortly after, a colony of snakes will erupt from his head. These are usually much more resilient.

These snakes direct the corpse like a mindless puppet in vicious attacks in an attempt to kill his prey, and are also likely the reason why every attack from this enemy will inflict heavy Slow Poison.

Some of these enemies can also summon Snake Balls, by whistling.


  • Forbidden Woods:
    • Infesting the entire area that lies beyond the second windmill.


Snake Parasites can inflict Slow Poison rapidly so it is advisable to carry a large supply of Antidotes. Close combat is not recommended as the snakes are capable of stun-locking the player if they get caught in their frenzied attacks, although elemental damage can stagger them.

Their most dangerous attack is a grab that poisons the player immediately and does high damage. Some of these enemies can also summon Snake Balls if they're not defeated quickly.

These enemies often patrol fixed locations and are very vulnerable to backstabs. If a Huntsmen detects the player, they will clutch their heads and moan for a few seconds before the snakes emerge, use this opportunity to deal as much damage as possible.


  • The Snake Parasite can drop both "Radiant" and "Fool's" Radial Blood Gems with a rating that ranges from 7 to 8. It always comes with a Slow Poison secondary effect.


  • Strangely enough, the ones who have yet to burst have a sack over their head, as if to cover their true and likely horrifying fate.
  • Considering their close vicinity to Byrgenwerth, some infer that they are lost scholars of the school.