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The Snake Ball is a boss and cut content in Bloodborne.


The Snake Ball is a boss that was cut from the game. It exists only in the game files. The snakeheads that the Shadows of Yharnam summon are a part of this boss.

The boss has several attacks: head swipe, bite, poison spit, an attack that summons its head from the ground, very similar to that of the Shadows of Yharnam and an attack which devours the player.



Bloodborne Cut Boss - Snake Ball - Unused Enemy


  • It's probably the source of snake infestation throughout the Forbidden Woods.
  • It's probably related to the unknown rune on the Astral Clocktower that depicts the snake balls.
  • It might be a reference to Yig - father of serpents, and very possibly could be the snake they the Madaras twins had communed with.
  • This boss only exists in the game files.