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A Snake Ball is an enemy in Bloodborne.


Snake Balls are masses of venomous snakes conjoined to a single body. They populate most of the Forbidden Woods and have completely infested the area and some of their denizens.

They are aggressive creatures with a venomous bite that can inflict Slow Poison on the player.

The roaming Snake Parasites in the forest will summon four of these by whistling, upon spotting the player.

Snake Balls can also be found near Great Snake Balls.



The smaller Snake Balls are weak opponents and are especially vulnerable to elemental damage. They also move very slowly and are only dangerous at close range. However, they are capable of rapid attacks that hit multiple times and inflict slow poison very quickly.

They tend to be hidden from view and will attempt to ambush the player but their hissing gives away their location. Snake Balls become much more dangerous if there are other enemies nearby as they will move in to attack the player whilst they are distracted.


  • The Snake Balls can drop "Murky" Radial Blood Gems with a rating that ranges from 7 to 8.
  • Some Snake Balls in the chalice dungeons can summon other snake balls, and sometimes very rarely they can even summon a Great Snake Ball.