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Slow Poison is a Status Effect in Bloodborne.

Slow poison ATK Button


Slow Poison is a status effect that builds up and once triggered will deal continuous damage over 30 seconds, until cured.

The gradual HP loss is equal across all sources of Slow Poison, with exception to the one that is inflicted by the Blood-starved Beast. Below are the equations of how it works (how much health lost per second):

  • Normal Slow Poison - 12pt+0.1%*40/1s
  • B-s.B.'s Slow Poison - 6pt+0.2%*40/0.2s

Sources of Slow Poison[]



  • Blood-starved Beast - Every attack deals Slow Poison, but only after the second phase. In the third, it will deal heavy amounts of it and just standing near it will result in players becoming poisoned.
  • Maneater Boar - Only the version without extra eyes deals Slow Poison, and it has a lingering cloud from a breath attack.


Trick Weapons[]

  • Kos Parasite - The Kos Parasite’s vomit attack inflicts poison build up.


  • Poison Knife - Can be thrown at any enemy to gradually induce Slow Poison; used mostly by Healing Church Hunters.
  • Murky Blood Gems - Can be placed on weapons to gradually build-up Slow Poison.

Resisting Slow Poison[]

The following will aid in resisting Slow Poison:


  • Players who wish to resist any kind of Poison (Rapid or Slow) should wear attire that belongs to the Healing Church.
  • There are two types of poison, Slow, and Rapid Poison. In-game, they can be told apart by their color. Slow Poison is purple, Rapid Poison is red.