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The Slime Scholar is an enemy in Bloodborne.


They are the remains of the Byrgenwerth scholars trapped in the Lecture Building. They still wear parts of their former uniforms, but their bodies were morphed into a slimy pulp by the excessively high comprehension of the Great Ones: they became closer to the Kin species, developing mollusk-like bodies that bleed gray fluid.

Two variations of this enemy exist - melee and ranged. Melee Slime Scholars fight with their limbs, which they are capable of stretching to extreme lengths. Ranged Slime scholars attack by lobbing caustic fluids at the Hunter.


Slime Scholars are vulnerable to bolt, fire and thrust attacks. They are also sluggish, causing the Slime Scholars to move very slowly. Their movement speed affects their attack speed as well, and they telegraph many of their attacks. An observant hunter can take advantage of these traits to dodge around their slow attacks and finish them off.

Care should be taken while facing a group of these enemies, as their long reach and staggering attacks can overwhelm the Hunter. Using a long weapon with decent range and utilizing kiting strategies will make fighting these mobs of Slime Scholars much easier. The use of Oil Urns and Molotov Cocktails will help dispatch these groups quickly.

It should be noted that all of their attacks can go through walls and props in the environment.

Some Scholars can hang from the ceiling of the Lecture Hall, waiting to drop on an unsuspecting hunter.



  • This enemy is unique to Lecture Building and Lecture Building 2nd Floor.
  • They appear to be the Mensis Scholars, turned into a viscous, blobby mess, likely a result from projecting their minds into the Nightmare realm.
  • Their Japanese name 学徒 simply means "scholar/student".