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Skill is a stat in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Attribute governing more nuanced physical weapon attack.
Determines whether or not you can use certain equipment.

General Information[]

Skill is one of the stats that governs physical weapon attack, most of the weapons that fall within its category will often deal Regular and or Thrust Damage.

The Skill stat is best served for those who fight in PVP or want to challenge themselves in playing the game, as it takes a lot more effort to make a fully dedicated Skill build when compared with its counterpart stat Strength.

Stat Synergy[]

  • Pure Skill - Players must pick the Threaded Cane is one of the three starting weapons and scales greatly on Skill. However, investing purely on Skill can be somewhat difficult for those who lack The Old Hunters DLC, as it has within it 4 weapons that scale well or tremendously well off the stat (Rakuyo and Beasthunter Saif for example) and that other Skill weapons aren't available until much later in the game. Regardless, if wanting to fully invest in Skill, players should invest the rest of their levels in both Vitality and Endurance.
  • Skill and Bloodtinge Bloodtinge is the natural complementary stat with Skill, as most of the weapons with the ability to shoot projectiles which scale on Bloodtinge also scale on Skill. One of the ways to go with this build is that players can parry to deal devastating damage, and their firearms will be strong enough to finish off the weakened opponents and vice versa. Furthermore, it explores the full potential of the Chikage and Simon's Bowblade, which scale greatly with Bloodtinge in the their transformed forms. Madaras Whistle, a very strong Hunter Tool which scales with Bloodtinge unlike other tools that scale with Arcane, is employable in this build. The drawback that comes with this build is the acquisition of Bloodtinge Gems, which are rare and their farm is painstakingly slow and tedious as they drop from a certain few enemies only from the Chalice Dungeons.
  • Skill and Strength - This is a safe synergy in almost any regard, as the ability to wield both Skill and Strength weapons allows for a vast variety of options in choosing an arsenal. Saw Spear and Saw Cleaver, both available at start of the game, fall under this. Later on, weapons with strong scaling in both stats, such as Ludwig's Holy Blade and Stake Driver become options.
  • Skill and Arcane - Skill has little synergy with Arcane, as the only weapons that have any sort of relation with Arcane damage while also being Skill-based are the Blade of Mercy and Burial Blade, both of which are unlocked near the end of the base game. If a player still insists on such a build, they would be looking at a rough early and mid game until acquiring either one . The harder chore is to farm for their blood gems, found primarily in the Isz and Pthumeru Ihyll chalice dungeons.


The arsenal that falls in the category of Skill can be regarded as being "refined" and "elegant", their designs often intricate and complex, and while they lack in raw power and staggering damage, they will often compensate in swiftness, speed and style.


  • The Skill stat is by far the stat that governs the more complex and harder to use weapons in the game.
  • It also governs the damage dealt by Visceral Attacks.
  • Skill stat softcaps at 25, harccaps at 50, beyond which levelling this stat will yield diminishing returns.


  • The Skill stat is the equivalent to the Dexterity stat of previous Souls games.