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The Skeletal Puppet is an enemy in Bloodborne.


As the name suggests, the Skeletal Puppet is, in fact, a shriveled corpse cut into multiple pieces, and held together by several ethereal tethers that grant it movement.

It is unknown whether it is Micolash who controls them, or if they are granted life by any other being in the Nightmare, or the Nightmare itself. Although it seems he has a small ability over these creatures seeing as they die when he dies.



As puppets, one would correctly assume that these are easy enemies to slay, but it does come with a catch: they deal ridiculous amounts of damage for what they are, which is animated corpses.

Aside from that, they completely telegraph most of their attacks, making them easy to dodge, but the issue comes from both their numbers, as they always come in pairs, and from the claustrophobic halls they dwell in.



  • It is more than likely that these corpses belong to Micolash's students.