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Sister Adella
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Appears In Bloodborne
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Health -
Level -
Status Alive
Location Hypogean Gaol
English Voice Lucy Briggs-Owen
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice Cintya Moran
"The only thing that I can offer…
Is my own lowly blood. If it would suffice?
— Sister Adella

Sister Adella is a character in Bloodborne.


One of the many blood saints of the Healing Church in charge of providing special blood to those in need, Sister Adella is a nun in distress.

She will be found hiding away, terrorized by her situation, trembling in fear as she prays to the gods for mercy or aid.

If saved, she will be happy to charitably offer her blood to her savior to help in the hunt. Beware, however, the prying eyes of the Church, as there are rules that must not be broken, and forbidden blood mustn't be consumed, lest they become a target of the Church.

As a member of the Healing Church, she dons the quite common Black Church Set.



Iosefka's Clinic[]

Oedon Chapel[]

  • If she is sent to Oedon Chapel, the Hunter will immediately receive a gesture upon talking to her in Cathedral Ward and will be able to receive Blood of Adella by talking to her.
    • Players can only have one of this item in their inventory at all times, meaning that Adella will refuse further transfusions unless the player has used it.
  • Each time the hunter speaks with Arianna, Sister Adella will peek over while the conversation lasts. Ask Arianna for her blood three times while Adella is present and Arianna will vanish, there will be a pool of blood where she once was, and Adella will have blood on her hands, thus implying she is indeed the one who took her life.
  • When the Blood Moon rises (after defeating Rom), and only if she has killed Arianna, Adella can be found roaming the area on the left, just outside the chapel. She will attack the player slowly, stumbling madly, with a dagger. Killing her is the only option from this point. She will drop the Oedon Writhe rune.


At Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, approach without any Church attire Oh! Please, Leave me be... Don't Take me... Please... Oh, please, dear gods.
Her pray Oh, merciful gods, help me...

In the name of the Healing Church, cleanse us of this horrible dream… In the name of the…

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village, approach with Church attire Ahh, by your garb... the Healing Church...

You've come to save me...

Ahh! Thank you, dear saint! I have no words to express my relief...

You could take this, at least.

It is sure to please an upstanding member of the church like you. Ahh, thank you so much. Dear gods...

Talk again Thank you so much. I was seized on the street by a hulking brute in the Cathedral Ward and locked up here. There were many others, but they've been taken away...

And I've heard moans, echoing in the distance, ever since...

So, the hunt is on tonight? Then the streets are perilous...

And every door will be shut tight...

Perhaps it isn't my place to ask, but... Do you know somewhere that might take me in?"

Answer no Yes, I see. I understand. Such are the perils on a night of the hunt.

I’ll ask an acquaintance in the Cathedral Ward.

Perhaps, he’ll open his door for me… Perhaps…

Talk again Yes, yes… I’ll be fine. I do not wish to trouble you any further.

You’re a hunter, aren’t you? I pray for the success on your hunt.

Talk again I’ll be fine.. I don’t wish to trouble you any further.

I’ll ask an acquaintance in the Cathedral Ward.

Unless… you know of another place?

Answer yes Oh, thank you so much. I'll set out as soon as I can.

I pray for success on your hunt. Kind hunter…

Talk at Oedon Chapel Oh, brave hunter. You’re alive.

Thank you very much. The town is in disarray, but there are still people here. Together, we await the help of the Healing Church.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you.

The only thing that I can offer… Is my own lowly blood. If it would suffice?

Refuse Forgive me, I should have known better.

What would a brave hunter do with lowly blood like mine?

Please, forget I even asked.

Talk again Ahh, brave hunter. What is it? Have you renewed thoughts on this matter?
Refuse Forgive me, Ahh... I must cease this nonsense…

Forget I even offered.

Accept Yes, of course! Come in close… Now, take my blood…
Talk again after accepting her blood and with her vial or Arianna's blood vial in inventory Brave hunter, please give me a little more time…

There are others in need of my blood...

Talk again Oh, brave hunter. You’ve returned unharmed.

Don’t you want to be treated, with blood? I only wish to be of help.

Talk again Oh, forgive me. I need more time. Oh, brave hunter I pray for your safety.
Talk again after the Blood moon rose and when she has not killed Arianna yet Oh, brave hunter I pray for your safety…

Come back soon… heh heh…

Talk while Blood moon after she has killed Arianna Tee hee..

My sweet hunter…

hehehe Your blood is tainted…

I can’t… hah hah I can’t help myself! Hah hah hahha haha…

After she kills the hunter I will never leave your side....
When dying What have I done? Ah...Oh....

Unused Dialogue[]

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Talk to her at Oedon Chapel Oh, brave hunter, thank the gods you're safe. I pray for your safety
Tee hee. Oh, brave hunter. I pray for your safety
Upon Dying Oh, brave hunter, why? What have I done...
After killing the hunter Oh, are you all right, brave hunter? I will never leave your side...



  • From a logical standpoint, it is seemingly impossible for Adella to leave Hypogean Gaol. This is because she would have to leave either through the gate guarded by Darkbeast Paarl, or through Yahar'gul and back to the gate that leads to the Cathedral Ward. Since none of these actually open, it is a complete mystery as to how she actually left the area.
  • Most people believe she will kill Arianna out of jealousy. Yet it is also possible that she, as a church member, correctly notices that Arianna has a connection with the Vilebloods of Cainhurst, thus killing her in the name of the Church.
    • Additionally, blood ministration outside of Church authority is considered heresy and a criminal offense.
  • She drops an Oedon Writhe Caryll Rune when killed. This fact hints that she might be one of his "inadvertent worshippers" of Oedon. These worshippers "surreptitiously seek the precious blood", so this could be another reason for why she kills Arianna.
  • Sister Adella is one of the few members of the Healing Church that the Hunter meets in the game.
  • When she is hostile towards the player, luring her to the Amygdala outside Oedon Chapel will result in her being grabbed by the lesser Great One and trigger the DLC cutscene.