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Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice

The Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice is a Chalice item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Root chalice that breaks multiple labyrinth seals.
When used in a ritual, this sinister chalice summons the Sinister Resonant Bell. The bell-ringing woman appears to be a mad Pthumerian. There are trace remains of medical procedures in parts of Ailing Loran. Whether these were attempts to control the scourge of the beast, or the cause of the outbreak, is unknown. Note: Additional rite Sinister Bell is for online use only. The bell-ringing woman does not appear offline.



The Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice can be used at a Ritual Altar to create one of the following Chalice Dungeons:

General Chalice Info
Chalice Depth Icon Depth 5
Chalice Area Icon Area Loran
Chalice Ritual Info

Basic Materials

Blood Echoes 11500
Ritual Blood 5 Icon Ritual Blood (5) 13
Blooming Coldblood Flower Icon Blooming Coldblood Flower 4
Tomb Mold 5 Icon Tomb Mould (5) 5
Red Jelly Icon Red Jelly 1

Sinister Bell
Arcane Haze Icon Arcane Haze 32