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Short Ritual Root Chalice
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The Short Ritual Root Chalice is a key item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

One of the root chalices that breaks various seals in the Old Labyrinth.
The glass chalice, when full, is used in a short ritual to quickly create and join a Chalice Dungeon (not for use in a ritual using standard materials).
Short rituals are conducted at the makeshift altar.



The Short Ritual Root Chalice can be used at the Makeshift Altar, during online gameplay, and lets the player "quickly search and join a Chalice Dungeon."


  • Patch 1.04 changed certain details about this Chalice:
    • It was previously acquired immediately after slaying the Pthumerian Elder in the Layer 3 of the Lower Hintertomb Chalice.
    • It allowed access to Chalice Dungeons that players had not yet previously accessed.


  • It is the only Chalice to be under the "Key Items" tag.