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Saint Adeline
Saint adeline
Appears In The Old Hunters
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation The Healing Church
Health -
Level -
Status Alive
Location Research Hall
English Voice Lotte Rice
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice  
"Is that you, Lady Maria? No, you're someone else. "
— Saint Adeline

Saint Adeline is a character in The Old Hunters DLC.


Saint Adeline is a Clocktower Patient of the Research Hall, a former "Blood Saint" who has been bound to her chair by leather straps with what seems to be a Blood Vial sticking out of her arm.

She will erroneously confuse players with Lady Maria, but soon understands her mistake. Then she will beg her new acquaintance to fetch her Brain Fluid, something that will allow her to keep her focus on a "sound" she hears.


  • Research Hall:
    • The first door on the right, near the lamp.
      • To first unlock the door, find the room with 3 elevators with three Wheelchair Huntsmen on the 2nd floor and take the elevator on the right as you enter.


When met Adeline will request Brain Fluid from the Hunter. This item is acquired by attacking the talking, headless Clocktower Patient.

  1. The player can receive Blood of Adeline from her after giving her one Brain Fluid, although players can not receive blood from her if they have either Iosefka's Blood Vial, Blood of Adella, or Blood of Arianna:
    • The player must enter and leave the Research Hall a minimum of three times in order to progress the quest, this also means players can only get about 3 or 4 Blood of Adeline in total.
  2. She gives the player the Balcony Key when given a second Brain Fluid:
    • The player must leave the Research Hall and return to it once more in order to progress through the questline.
  3. Milkweed Rune is attained after giving her the third and final Brain Fluid.




  • She addresses the player as Lady Maria when first spoken to, but quickly realizes it isn't her.
  • Curiously enough, Adeline seems to have a head that isn't as pinkish as the other Clocktower Patients, but rather a slightly blueish one.
    • Another curious thing is that unlike the other "head-only" patients, her body is nowhere to be found. It would make sense for it to be strapped on the chair at the very least, but it is not there. It's as if her body was devoured or absorbed by her own head.