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Rune Workshop Tool
Rune Workshop Tool
Witch's Abode

The Rune Workshop Tool is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Runesmith Caryll, student of Byrgenwerth, transcribed the inhuman utterings of the Great Ones into what are now called Caryll Runes.
The hunter who retrieves this workshop tool can etch Caryll Runes into their mind to attain their wondrous strength.
Provost Willem would have been proud of Caryll's Runes, as they do not rely upon blood in any measure.

Location []


The Rune Workshop Tool unlocks the ability to equip Caryll Runes at the Memory Altar.


  • It is entirely possible to play the game without ever picking up this item. But having it does make the game easier.
  • This item leaves the player's inventory when they begin a new playthrough, and must be reaquired once more, at the same location.


  • Cut description of the item: "Enables etching Caryll's runes into one's consciousness".
  • It is possible that the corpse where this item is found is that of Caryll.
    • However, it makes no sense why Caryll would wear the Yharnam Hunter Set. Therefore, it seems more plausible that a hunter from the original workshop might have found it somehow, and was caught with it.
  • It resembles a branding iron, with the symbol of the Hunter's Mark/Hunter rune.