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The River of Blood is an unmarked location in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


In the Hunter's Nightmare, there is a large river of blood that has leaked from the mountain of corpses in the Underground Corpse Pile, that extends further, pooling on the front of the Nightmare Grand Cathedral, and then ending in the dark cave of this layer of the Nightmare.

The river attracts many Bloodlickers due to the immense volume of blood, and they themselves have turned fat as a result of so much to drink.



Hostile hunters[]


  • The River of Blood has an impressive amount of very large Tomb Mould growing around the edges of its shores.
    • It also has countless flayed corpses that still live, yet writhe silently in agony.


  • There is a Snail Woman that will drop from the sky near where the Whirligig Saw can be found. This serves to imply the theory of layers that exists within the Nightmare realms and how they are stacked on top of each other.
  • The River of Blood's source is, without doubt, the Underground Corpse Pile, the chamber of Ludwig. This is no coincidence as it is meant to symbolically imply the sheer amount of merciless brutality and bloodshed that was committed at the hands of the church during the hunts, since its infancy.