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Ritual Altars are a gameplay mechanic in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Offer items to a Holy Chalice and conduct a ritual to unseal a Chalice Dungeon. If you remove the chalice from an altar you have used, you may conduct further rituals at the same altar to unseal new Chalice Dungeons.

General Information[]

Ritual Altars are found at the seven tombstones that line the path leading up to the rear of the Workshop in the Hunter's Dream.

Conducting a Chalice Ritual at a Ritual Altar will create the Chalice Dungeon, serving as a warp point to all the Lamps found throughout the Chalice Dungeon itself.

The Altars are initially dark, meaning that a Chalice Ritual may be conducted, and when a Chalice is placed at a Ritual Altar, the tombstone will glow and Messengers will be praying to the Altar, thus indicating that it can be entered.

This also means that players cannot create a new dungeon without first removing the chalice, thus terminating the link to it.

List of Altars[]

Even though they appear to have a numerical order, any Chalice can be used at any Ritual Altar at any time, as long as another Chalice hasn't already been placed.

  • First Ritual Altar
  • Second Ritual Altar
  • Third Ritual Altar
  • Fourth Ritual Altar
  • Fifth Ritual Altar
  • Final Ritual Altar



  • All of the Ritual Altars have gravestones that are found within the Chalice Dungeons.