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Righteous is a special form of damage in Bloodborne.

Righteous Weapon


Righteous is a hidden weapon attribute which deals varying amounts of bonus damage to "enemies of the Healing Church".

This damage is applied before bonuses such as the open foe bonus for a multiplicative effect. As a general rule, the enemies in Forsaken Cainhurst Castle are weak to Righteous damage.


Weapons that deal Righteous damage[]

Enemies weak to Righteous damage[]


  • It is one of two special forms of damage. The only other existing one is Serration.
  • Serrated Damage is arguably more useful than Righteous Damage, seeing as there are plenty of regular enemies and bosses that are Beasts, spread throughout many locations of the game, whereas the only enemies that are affected by righteous damage are mostly located in Forsaken Castle Cainhurst.


  • It is unknown how this damage translates lorewise. While Serration allows for more bloodletting and therefore weakens the Beasts more quickly, no one truly understands why Righteous damage applies to Cainhurst denizens.
    • Since all Righteous weapons sports engraved runes or silver parts, and since this damage affects an ethereal monster such as the Evil Labyrinth Spirit, it is well possible that this power originates from an incantation weaved into the weapon or from the silver itself.