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Rally is a gameplay mechanic in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

When an enemy's attack hits, a portion of the HP gauge briefly turns orange, indicating the amount of damage inflicted. Attack the enemy before the orange bar disappears to restore a given amount of HP.


Rally is a mechanic that allows players to heal without a personal buff or consumable.

Upon being hit or taking fall damage you can hit enemies to regain health. Interestingly, as the rally mechanic is based upon the in-game effect of "bathing in your enemies blood", enemies can still provide health for several seconds after death. How much health is determined by your weapons' innate Rally Potential. Most large weapons have good rally potential to compensate for slow swing speeds.

Ways to increase Rally[]

  • Guidance Runes can boost Rally by 10/20% and stack with each other.
  • Blood Gems that boost rally.
    • These are usually Blood gems with Rally as a secondary effect.
    • Lethal Damp Blood Gem is the only that has Rally as a primary effect.

Best Rally Potential Weapons[]

The following are the six weapons with the best Rally Potential:

  1. Hunter Axe
  2. Kirkhammer
  3. Whirligig Saw
  4. Burial Blade
  5. Ludwig's Holy Blade
  6. Holy Moonlight Sword

Do note that one can rally more than once in one swing, should it attack multiple times or hit several targets. This is especially true when using a weapon that has a whip form, like the Threaded Cane, Beast Cutter, or Amygdalan Arm.


Rally can be advantageous if fighting multiple enemies or when using a weapon with rather high rally potential, whether innate or boosted by Blood Gems.


  • Weapons with great Rally Potential can be utilized to a great effect in PVP when using a Lead Elixir as this allows players to not be as easily staggered by enemy players, thus being able to trade blows while recovering health.
  • Attacking enemies while they are in their "death animation" will result in rally. It is unknown if this is a bug or a feature.
  • Ranged attacks from Simon's Bowblade do not provide rally.


  • Rally is important to the world of Bloodborne as a concept itself as players are rewarded by attacking despite how dangerous of a situation they are in. It also ties in with the "blood-drunkness" of certain individuals.

The Rally Potential list from the Official Bloodborne Guide[]

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