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Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
Radiant Sword Hunter Badge
Cathedral Ward

The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

One of the badges crafted by the Healing Church.
The radiant sword indicates the heirs to the will of Ludwig.
These hunters, also known as Holy Blades, are what remains of an ancient line of heroes that date back to a very early age of honor and chivalry.



The following items can be purchased from the Bath Messengers:


  • One of the more useful badges. It unlocks powerful weapons, versatile items, as well as an attire that offers great Arcane resistance.


  • The Sword Hunter Badge works as the base design of this badge, with small visual differences, like a thicker base and a more decorated chain, while the biggest one is that of being grossly incandescent.
  • Since this badge is associated with Ludwig, and acquiring it unlocks the Tomb Prospector Set, it is likely that he once was a Tomb Prospector himself. This theory is further supported by the description of the Holy Moonlight Sword.
  • It adds a Messenger holding a small metal case (perhaps for bullets), and which is off to the back and slightly to the left of the original Messenger of the Bath Messengers.