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This Puppet-like Enemy is a cut content from Bloodborne.


This enemy looks like a very large doll with a bloated head not too dissimilar to the heads of the Clocktower Patients from the The Old Hunters DLC.

The enemy moves around very stiltedly and will try to attack the player using its hands and feet and will even try to use its head.


  • This enemy seems to share a mix of characteristics from The Doll and the Clocktower Patients.
    • The characteristics that this enemy shares with The Doll is that the enemy appears very doll like in nature.
    • The characteristics that this enemy shares with the Clocktower Patients is that it seems to have a very bloated head, it even can try to head butt the player in a very similar vain as the Clocktower Patients.
  • This enemy only exists in the game files.