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Labyrinth Watcher (group)

The Labyrinth Watchers, the most common type of Pthumerians.

The Pthumerians are a type of enemy in Bloodborne.


The Pthumerians are a race of humanoid beings and the inhabitants of the ancient Pthumeru. They exhibit pale greyish skin, and a head with a permanent, expressionless face, with their mouths wide open. Additionally, most of the Pthumerians possess tall and thin frames, though retaining great and powerful strength. Their strange, almost "undead-like" appearance stems from being marked by the Eldritch Truth when they came in contact with the Great Ones.

In-game, Pthumerians are powerful foes that comprise the bulk of the enemies found within the Chalice Dungeons, and are weak against Arcane damage.


The Pthumerians were superhuman beings said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth. The old labyrinth carved out by them[1] is known to be a place in which inquiry into the cosmos started[2]. Early Pthumerians served as guardians of the Great Ones[3].

The Pthumerian monarch was traditionally a woman who assumed a name with classical roots[4]; one of such monarchs was Yharnam, Pthumerian Queen[5]. Both the monarch and its capital received a title of Pthumeru Ihyll[3].



  • Pilgrim (Will only attack if provoked.)
  • Labyrinth Watcher (It is possible to find friendly watchers who will merely observe the player. They are always the naked kind.)




  • Most Pthumerians are weak to Arcane, though some are not.
  • A lot of weaker Pthumerian enemies will, in specific Chalice Dungeons, wield poisonous or flaming weapons. Meanwhile, stronger enemies might have flaming weapons and/or a "red buff".


  • Some enemies cannot be confirmed to be "True" Pthumerians; though their origins are vague, their anatomy is, quite simply, too Pthumerian to ignore. This is the case for the following:
  • The Graveguard Mask, worn by Dores, features what appears to be a Pthumerian's skinned face.
  • The entirety of Pthumeru is covered with red banners, decorated with extensive flower patterns.
  • The Pthumerians appear to have a specific and consistent dagger design, this design is that of a serpentine blade.
    • Yharnam herself uses a much more intricately designed and decorated dagger.
    • Martyr Logarius is another who wields a shortsword of similar style.
  • Many variants of the Labyrinth Watchers wield scythes similar the one the Pthumerian Elder uses, albeit much smaller; the latter is also nearly identical to the scythe weilded by Martyr Logarius.
  • The Pthumerians that only appeared in the chalice dungeons, where originally meant to appear in nearly all the main game areas.
  • The Pthumerians might be based on the K'n-yan a fictional civilization from "The Mound" - a horror/science fiction novella by American author H. P. Lovecraft. The K'n-yan is a highly advanced telepathic civilization who worshipped the Great Old Ones (Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Nug and Yeb, Ghatanothoa).
    • The people of K'n-yan live underground and also utilize undead slaves, reanimated from the bodies of ancient enemies or inferior members of the ruling class. They attained immortality and subjugated other races before them thanks to their technology and ability to dematerialize and rematerialize at will. The underground people also customarily engage in several forms of sadism, depraved practices, ritualistic orgies and unspeakable horrors such as extended public torture, random body modifications and mutilations of other slave species as entertainment, in order to gratify their time-dulled senses.