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The Pthumerian Descendant is a Chalice Dungeon boss in Bloodborne.


The Pthumerian Descendant is one of the few surviving members of Pthumerian nobility, the ancient civilization that constructed the labyrinths. The Descendant is a tall, emaciated humanoid and wears tattered robes. Despite its frail appearance, it is incredibly agile and capable of powerful, rapid attacks with the shotel it wields.


There are two phases to this fight.

Phase 1[]

In both phases, the Descendant is capable of performing a series of rapid slashes that can inflict severe damage. Its attacks can be evaded by back-stepping, but it is safer to roll through the longer combinations as it will continue moving forward while attacking. At medium to long range, the Descendant will hurl its shotel like a boomerang, which can hit the player twice if he/she doesn't dodge it both times.

Phase 2[]

When the Pthumerian Descendant reaches 50% health, it will transform its weapon into two separate shotels, which it will dual-wield. Its attacks are now faster and longer, so dodging backward is not recommended as it will often catch the player mid-dodge. Its boomerang attacks become even more dangerous as it can hit the player up to four times if both shotels connect. It will also perform a diving slash that while damaging, provides a good opportunity to attack if successfully evaded. Note that a Visceral Attack can be performed by charging an R2 attack behind the Descendant while it is splitting the sickle, allowing for a powerful free hit.

The Phtumerian Descendant is very vulnerable to Visceral Attacks in both phases, so it is recommended to equip runes that increase this type of damage, such as the Clawmark rune. Other runes that can be helpful are Blood Rapture and Oedon Writhe, since they replenish health and Quicksilver Bullets, respectively. All its attacks can be parried, with the exception of the boomerangs. If the player is less skilled at interrupting its attacks, rolling through the swings will grant a brief opportunity to damage it.


  • The Pthumerian Descendant can rarely appear as a roaming mob in a root chalice.
  • As a Pthumerian enemy, he is very weak to Arcane damage.


  • He uses two shotels, similar to Lautrec of Carim in Dark Souls.
    • Despite this, it functions in a mechanically similar fashion to the Blade of Mercy, in the sense that it can be split in two.
    • At first glance it might seem strange for this boss to fight the player using these weapons, given that they are meant to bypass shields. But considering how, lorewise, the game explains that since the Scourge of beasts appeared that men have chosen to arm themselves lightly in favour of maximum mobility, and that the Chalice Dungeons are teeming with fallen knights, armed with shields, it seems fair to assume that the Pthumerian Descendant was accustomed to a much different sort of opponent.



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