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The Pilgrim is a Pthumerian in Bloodborne.


Pilgrims are tall, glowing Pthumerians that wear white robes and usually carry a long, wooden cane with a hooked top. They emit a strange chiming sound, appear to be completely harmless, and will not attack the player unless provoked, but are actually capable of dealing a powerful Arcane blast. After attacking once to defend themselves, they will resume their pacifist stance.

They have a sort of rosary or pendant that they clutch in their hands that depicts a Caduceus.

Though the way their attacks are always the same, and their differences appear to be merely cosmetic and in terms of behavior, there are still two variants:

  • Cane-wielder Pilgrim- The most common variant, usually stays in the same places.
  • Praying Pilgrim- Incredibly rare, clutches its hands together in prayer, holding them a little higher towards the face, and does not carry a cane. It seems to use its attacks to remove destructible objects from its path and is said to be more of an explorer than its other counterpart.



Pilgrims can be found in Chalice Dungeons and are not aggressive towards the player, being only violent if provoked.

They will unleash a magical explosion if attacked but this can be easily evaded or even prevented by attacking the enemy. After retaliating once, they will cease their attack until the player strikes her again.

They are immune to Visceral Attacks because they don't get into the staggered animation.


  • They often drop a large amount of Quicksilver Bullets or Blood Vials and can be a useful way to replenish supplies. If players have no moral regards for a pacifist being that is.
  • For some reason, they do not provide Rally.
  • The Praying Pilgrim is believed to only be found in Root Chalice Dungeons.