Bloodborne Wiki
Max No. Held 20
Max Stored 99
Usage Type Finite
QS Bullet Use QS Bullet Use -
Attribute Bonus
Strength A Skill D Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Attribute Requirement
Strength - Skill - Bloodtinge - Arcane -
Sold by the Messengers.
Random loot
Notes Round pebbles that can be thrown at targets.

A Pebble is a consumable item in Bloodborne.


In-Game Description

Small pebbles found throughout Yharnam.
Can be thrown at foes.
Quite thrilling.



Pebbles can be thrown at an enemy, in order to pull them away from a group of mobs, without grabbing the attention of others.


  • The Shadows of Yharnam mobs in the Nightmare of Mensis, seem to be an exception to effect of the Pebble, as upon hitting them with it, it will call attention to all others nearby.
  • It deals a small amount of knockback, causing enemies to stumble in a direction.
    • If enemies are close to the edge of a precipice, they might fall to their death if hit.
    • Due to the game's mechanics, this stagger can stop a Maneater Boar's charge attack.


  • It is the cheapest item in the game, and one of the few that doesn't get its price raised as the player levels up.
    • Coincidentally (and funnily as well), it is just enough for a player who chose the "Waste of Skin" Origin to buy a singular Pebble from the Bath Messenger.
  • Pebbles have a similar appearance to human eyeballs. If they are petrified eyes or simply stones carved to look like them is unknown. They may be genuinely petrified eyeballs, as they visibly show fear from the narrowed "pupils".
  • One theory supposes that since blood itself, in Bloodborne's world, can harden or crystallise, thus forming Bloodstones and Blood Gems, so too can eyes become petrified.
    • Perhaps a Bloodshot Eyeball has to be harvested from its body as quickly as possible for fear of turning into a pebble.