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The Parasite Larva is an enemy in Bloodborne.


These enormous worms are neothenic creatures (none of them have ever shown a traditional adult insectoid form), likely fly larvae which became monstrous due to feeding upon contaminated corpses.

It is not entirely understood why they appear where they do, or their association with any particular types of creatures. All that is known is that they usually feast in places where there has been great bloodshed or violence, and that they will make hosts out of beasts.



These beings are always found in groups and due to their extremely small size and speed, may often kill a hunter with lower health or many successive hits.

Making matters worse is that they are extremely resistant to most sources of damage but are very vulnerable to blunt damage. As such, it is wise to either use a blunt type of attack with a weapon you have or, ideally, use weapons that have many attacks with blunt damage such as the Kirkhammer (in hammer mode), the Beast Cutter (both modes deal blunt damage), the Amygdalan Arm (in club mode) or perhaps even the Tonitrus or Boom Hammer (as both always deal blunt damage in addition to another element).

It is very recommended to use the Beast Cutter though, as the strong attacks of the whip mode will allow players to kill these vermin from a safe distance, and also because all of its moves deal Blunt damage, regardless of mode.


  • A Gigantic version of Parasite Larvae seems to be living inside of the headless variation of the Bloodletting Beast. It eventually takes over its host's body once enough damage has been dealt in combat, replacing its missing head.
    • It is unknown whether it was always inside the body of the massive beast, or if it took over once it was slain.
  • Two larvae will erupt from the Silverbeasts in the Nightmare of Mensis and Lower Loran when killed.


  • The Parasite Larvae are quite the mysterious beings, they appear to crave blood and specifically target Beasts as their hosts. This is the case for the Silverbeasts and the monumental Bloodletting Beast that possesses a giant Parasite Larva for its head and shoots smaller larvae at its enemies.
  • The larvae reassemble a longer version of a Vile Maggot, an enemy in Dark Souls, another game by Fromsoftware.