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Firing Hammer Badge-0

Firing Hammer Badge, the symbol of the Oto Workshop.

The Oto Workshop is a Workshop in Bloodborne.


The Oto Workshop is an older workshop similar to the Powder Keg Workshop.


Little is known of this ancient workshop, only that it pre-dates the Powder Keg Workshop, and that it inspired it.

It is likely that it is as old, if only less popular, than the Hunter's Workshop.


There are only a few items associated with the Oto Workshop, which makes sense, as it is in essence the prototype for the Powder Keg Workshop. Their credited items are:


The only known member of the Oto Workshop is the Bestial Hunter, as he drops the Firing Hammer Badge, but the Hunter's Nightmare is filled with Huntsmen and Old Hunters who use the items that were made by this workshop, which could logically mean they either were or are members of it.