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Old Hunter Set
Old Hunter Set
Attire Type
Attire Set
Physical DEF
Blood DEF
Slow Poison RES Rapid Poison RES Frenzy RES Beasthood
86 45 105 129
Hunter's Nightmare

The Old Hunter Set is a set of attire in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC.


  • Hunter's Nightmare:
    • Old Hunter Cap - On the left side of the locked gate players can find upon exiting from the Lamp.
    • Old Hunter Garb - After climbing the second set of stairs that leads towards the Nightmare Grand Cathedral, the item is on the left side near a place where players can drop down to get the Beast Cutter.
    • Old Hunter Gloves - From the first Lamp, go up the hill and look down below, there is a platform with the item, it is right near where near the headpiece was.
    • Old Hunter Trousers - From the first Lamp, go up the hill and follow the rocky path, keep looking towards the right as there is a path that can be dropped down from to open the gate where the headpiece was, there will be a platform where players can drop down before hitting the ground, the item is there.

Set Pieces[]



  • The Old Hunter Set has one of the best Fire Defenses in-game.


  • This set is very similar to the Decorative Old Hunter Set, being an alternative/complimentary attire to it. All pieces of these combined sets can be interchanged and still look as if they fit together originally, with the exception of the Decorative Old Hunter Garb, as the mask that covers the face, does not match with the rest of it.
  • The Old Hunter Garb is essentially the same as the Decorative Old Hunter Garb, only adding a large caped coat and excluding additional brass trinkets. The Decorative Old Hunter Trousers are the same model as the Old Hunter Trousers, but with a brass brace on the right joint of the leg.
  • This set also seems to be a variant of the Charred Hunter Set (or vice-versa), as the gloves also have metal on the "firearm-bearing" arm, the Trousers are very similar, the garb within the cape/long coat of the Charred Hunter Set seems to resemble the Decorative Old Hunter Garb and it even has a hexagonal pendant like the many hexagonal shapes of the brass trinkets it has. Stat-wise they are also very much alike.
  • The Old Hunter Trousers' description mentions a superstition that "beast blood crept up the right leg". This statement is very curious since players always inject Blood Vials in their right leg.
    • Gehrman too, is missing his right leg. The Hunter will also lose their right leg, should they become captivated by the Moon Presence.