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Old Hunter Bell
Old Hunter Bell

The Old Hunter Bell is a Key Item in Bloodborne, added in Patch 1.07.


In-Game Description

One of the resonating bells that cross the gaps of worlds. This bell is cracked and stained with the blood of beasts.
A human must expend Insight to ring this uncanny bell.
The old hunters, who have long passed from the dream but cannot forget the feeling of the hunt, rely upon messengers to relay their thoughts.
Ring the bell at their side, and they are certain to give a listen. For the night of the hunt is long, and unchanging.



Can be used to summon Old Hunter NPCs at the cost of one Insight.

The Old Hunters are Hunters of the time before the Healing Church Hunters. These NPCs will follow players around and help them to traverse the area, fighting enemies alongside the host.


  • Only two NPCs can be summoned at any given time.
  • Though they heal on occasion, they are still well capable of dying, and players can resummon them, but only after reloading the area.
  • Players can use the Silencing Blank to send them back to their own world.
  • They can be used to help in defeating the boss of a certain area in-game. However, they will not be available to be summoned after defeating the boss of said area.
  • They can also be summoned for boss fights in the final Layer of any given Chalice Dungeon.
  • It is unclear why, but some Old Hunters do not Cooperate with others. On occasion, players might find that summoning one Old Hunter makes the summon sign of the other disappear.

List of Summons[]

Father Gascoigne[]

Alfred, Hunter of Vilebloods[]

Beastclaw Jozef[]

Defector Antal[]

Old Hunter Henryk[]

Old Hunter Henriett[]

Madman Wallar[]

Mensis Scholar Damian[]

Queen Killer[]

Tomb Prospector Gremia[]

Tomb Prospector Olek[]

Valtr, Master of the League[]


Yamamura the Wanderer[]

Younger Madaras Twin[]


  • While the Beckoning Bell is for online play, the Old Hunter Bell is meant to summon NPC Hunters.
  • Players should equip the Impurity rune to maximize the amount of co-operators for certain fights, as it allows them to summon NPC "Confederates" of The League.
  • Should the player use the Beckoning Bell and then use the Old Hunter Bell before finding another player, then the game will consume both the insight from using the Beckoning bell and the Old Hunter Bell.


  • The Old Hunters are Hunters of the time before the Healing Church Hunters.
  • Madman Wallar has a uniquely colored summoning sign. While regular summons are red and League Confederates are bloodred, his is of a deep blue color.