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Old Clinic woman
Old clinic woman
Appears In Bloodborne
Gender female
Race Human
Affiliation Neutral
Health TBA
Level TBA
Status Unused
Location Originally Iosefka's Clinic
English Voice Unknown
Japanese Voice  
Brazilian Voice  

Old Clinic woman is a cut npc from Bloodborne.


An unused NPC. She resembles the Witch of Hemwick. It appears that she may have been an early version of Iosefka or the Blood Minister, as she was supposed to be met in the Clinic. She also has attacking animations similar to the Eye Collectors.

Unused Dialogue[]


  • She looks like a younger version of the Eye Collector enemies in the full game.
    • She even shares a similar attacking animation to the Eye Collectors.
  • This NPC only exists in the game files.
  • In her dialogue, it seems she gives the player something that’s considered food. It could be possible that this would have been the Fresh Liver that was cut from the game.
  • Her dialogue is the only mention of "Lycanthropy" in the game so far.
    • "Lycanthropy" is the term used to describe werewolf transformations.