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The Old Blood is a term mentioned in Bloodborne.


Old Blood is a term often used by many characters in Bloodborne, to refer to the blood of the Great Ones or the powerful Kin that can be considered Great Ones.


The Old Blood was discovered by the Byrgenwerth Scholars within the tombs of the Gods, carved below Yharnam. The blood has great potent healing properties and also the capability of evolving mankind.

The first experiment must have had mixed results as Master Willem, provost of the school, feared it and took the phrase "Fear the Old Blood" as his mantra.

However, Laurence, one of the scholars, saw the potential usage of the blood and departed from the school, forming the Healing Church where he studied the blood and spread it to the public as miraculous treatment, with the promise the sacred blood can cure any disease. However, misuse of the Old Blood is theorized to be the primary reason for the outbreak of the Beastly Scourge which plagues Yharnam.


The Old Blood is never actually seen by the player, but is instead mentioned throughout the game.

By Alfred:

  • He refers to it as a ”Holy medium”.

By Willem, in the vision that the Hunter sees when touching the skull of Laurence after defeating Vicar Amelia:

  • "We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open. Fear the Old Blood".

Password to Forbidden Woods, talk to the Gate Keeper:

  • "Fear the Old Blood".